Les Visiteurs

Other mistake: The wizard Eusaebius is searching a slug powder to make the potion. When he finds it, it's a liquid.

Dr Wilson

Other mistake: When Jacquouille puts the jewels in the statue,he unscrew the "hat" of this statue,but,in the next shot,if you look into the head statue,there isn't a thread for the screw.


Continuity mistake: When Béatrice is speaking to Jean-Pierre about cousin Hubert, he wears a dentist mask and gloves but the shot later he only has his gloves, and after that he has nothing.

Dr Wilson

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Question: Béatrice is speaking a peculiar French accent (copied also with another actor on Les Visiteurs II). It sounds like extreme version of Canadian or Swiss Geneva region French. Which accent is this and why was it so important to carry on tio the sequel?


Chosen answer: Valérie Lemercier's accent sounds nothing like Canadian French. It is a posh bourgeoisie accent such as would be heard in towns like Neuilly.


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