Catch That Kid
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Continuity mistake: When Austin is running away from the black dog, he jumps over a fence. In one shot, his left leg flies over the fence first. In the next, his right leg goes over first.


Catch That Kid mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When the boys ask Maddy's father what type of guys girls like, the father turns around and call Maddy. The boys cover Maddy's father's mouth. In the first two shots, Austin's hand is over Gus'. In the third, Gus' hand is over Austin's.


Continuity mistake: At the start of the movie, as Maddy is climbing the pipe on the water tower, a shot from her point of view towards the top of the tower shows that the pipe goes all the way to the top. A close-up shot of Maddy shows that the pipe turns at a right angle and enters the tower just above her head, rather than continuing up. The mistake repeats with almost identical shots the second time she climbs the tower.

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Molly: I do think about you, Madeline. Every day... all the time.

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