Stupidity: After the ammo is removed when the team are under the reactor coolers Vasquez is still on point, even though her machine gun doesn't have a flamethrower capability and her hands are too occupied to be able to use one. Should have been replaced by another team member with an 'active' weapon.

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Suggested correction: True but Vasquez's weapon is a) still loaded/powered and b) has a sophisticated sensor system which might be better at detecting enemies than naked eyes. It's still a stupidity because even if she sees something she shouldn't be able to do anything except call it out (as far as Gorman and Apone know) or fire (which is what she and Drake actually do, against orders). But at least it's a logical stupid mistake, instead of a senseless stupid mistake.

Continuity mistake: In the sequence when the APC is fleeing the hive, and the alien punches a hole through the windshield to get to Ripley. The hole disappears in the next shot when the light reflects off of the glass. (01:07:05)

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Hudson: Game over man... Game over!

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Trivia: Paul Reiser's Burke was so hated that, when at the film's premiere, Paul's sister actually hit him and when the scene of Burke getting killed was shown, his mom's response was simply, "Good."

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Question: What ever happens to the female doctor that evaluates Newt? She evaluates Newt, says one line or so, then disappears forever.

William Bergquist

Chosen answer: Down in the tunnels, she is the soldier that says "Maybe they don't show up on infrared at all." and is then grabbed and hoisted to the ceiling by an Alien. Later, Hudson says "The Sarge and Deitrich (the female medic) aren't dead. Their signs are real low but they ain't dead." So she was cocooned and played host for new aliens.

Grumpy Scot

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