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I own this movie on DVD.

After I introduced my girlfriend to Alien with the 40th anniversary showing in theaters, I had to get her started on the rest of the series.

Aliens, like it's predecessor, still stands the test of time and holds up extremely well. A few dated effects here and there aside, this is a timeless film.
Taking place about 50 years after the end of the first film, the series shifts gears in genera from sci-fi horror, to sci-fi action thriller as a group of space fairing marines with Ripley return to the planet where her and her crew had discovered the aliens 50 years prior. Only in that time, the planet had been colonized by humans, and they had recently came across the nest of the face hugger eggs and now there are many aliens. Hence the title.

The rumored backstory of how James Cameron got the deal for making the feature with that title is awesome and I hope true.

This film is just as good as the first film, and the perfect sequel to it. The franchise has never been to this level in the years since, even with the under rated Alien 3, and especially not with the abysmal 4th film. The prequel movies are also decisive but good on their own rights, but nothing can seem to live up to the first two films. And with good reason with how great they are.

Mistake Status: Like the first film, I'll probably get around to dissecting this one for mistakes eventually.

Quantom X Premium member

Aliens is the definitive sequel to the 1979 classic-this time pitting the horrid monsters vs Space Marines as a derelict colony that's been wiped out. Heroine Ripley bonds with what appears to be the sole survivor - a little girl named "Newt" who managed to evade capture and death due to her small size and great ability navigating the air ducts. The tagline "This time it's war" delivers as Cameron has the fierce, relentless creatures battle the group of soldiers sent by the Company, and when the mission becomes compromised, Ripley must try to save herself, the child, and what's left of the would-be rescuers before time runs out for them all! Great science fiction action-adventure, rousing musical score, nightmarish visuals and a finale that includes a robotic power-lifting exoskeleton vs a giant Alien Queen! It's a must-see for any Alien franchise fan, and could have easily been the finale.

Erik M.

Continuity mistake: In the sequence when the APC is fleeing the hive, and the alien punches a hole through the windshield to get to Ripley. The hole disappears in the next shot when the light reflects off of the glass. (01:07:05)

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[All ammunition has been confiscated.]
Marine: What are we supposed to use? Harsh language?.

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Trivia: Paul Reiser's Burke was so hated that, when at the film's premiere, Paul's sister actually hit him and when the scene of Burke getting killed was shown, his mom's response was simply, "Good."

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Question: If the company knew about the Aliens from the start and coveted them as a bioweapon, why did it take 57 years and the reappearance of Ripley for someone from the company to make another effort to get one? In the intervening 57 years, wouldn't the company have sent someone out to the derelict spaceship wreckage?

Answer: The company doesn't wait 57 years, they built a colony on the planet over 20 years prior to finding Ripley. The company was apparently unaware of the exact location of the derelict spacecraft. After finding Ripley and obtaining information from her, Burke was able to send the Jorden family to the precise location of the derelict spacecraft.

Answer: For me anyway, the company doesn't seem to be as hostile as they do in Alien. Won't surprise me that in 57 years there has been a change in leadership and they are no longer interested in capturing the alien, Burke seems to operating on his own. Minor plot hole ultimately.

Sam Montgomery

I think the original answer is right and they simply didn't know where the crashed ship was located on the planet since the beacon was deactivated and all information was on the Nostromo and with Ripley. They built a colony there to find it eventually, just takes a long time. Until they got lucky and found Ripley. Burke is definitely not working on his own though, they still knew about the aliens and the original idea still remained, capture aliens and bring them back to study.


Yes that's right, because when Ripley has a run in with Burke he says that this specimen is worth millions to the bio weapons division and if we bring it back we will be made for life.

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