Baby's Day Out
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FBI Agent Dale Grissom: You're surrounded! Throw down the Boo Boo and put your hands over your head.

FBI Agent Dale Grissom: Radio Rogers and McCluskey. Tell them to turn around. We're going back to the tick-tock to get the boo-boo. And send for backup.

Eddie: If you want to be a shoplifter, go to J.C. Penney.

Eddie: When I boxed, the guys I most feared were the ones who feared nothing. Babies are like that. They ain't afraid of nothing! (00:45:20)

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Norby: Did a baby get off this bus? A little guy about two feet tall. It's an emergency.
Bus Driver: I didn't have nobody today with a baby.
Norby: He was BY himself.

Norby: Eddie, what else did Mary's little lamb do?
Eddie: Didn't he put, uh, Humpty Dumpty back together again?
Veeko: That was Nat King Cole.N.
Eddie: Nat King Cole stuck his finger in the pie and yanked out the bird.

Continuity mistake: When the parents finally do find the baby, in the close-up of Bink you can see the left arm of the old soldier who found him first; he was leaning on the armrest at an angle before, but he's resting perfectly horizontal now. (01:26:45)

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