Baby's Day Out

Baby Binks ends up being found by his nanny and parents.The bad guys who have baby Binks held hostage end up surrendering to the police and get taken away.Then Binks is taken home and before going to bed,he looks at his favorite book with all the simular activities in it that he had on his little adventure while out around town.

Continuity mistake: Veeko is supposed to grab the baby from the girder as it passes. Norby is covering his face with his right hand kept vertically when Veeko says "I'll get him", but the hand is horizontal when Eddie is shouting "Don't miss it!" (01:12:10)

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FBI Agent Dale Grissom: Radio Rogers and McCluskey. Tell them to turn around. We're going back to the tick-tock to get the boo-boo. And send for backup.

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Answer: It might have taken a while for them to find the keys to the crane as well as figuring out how to operate it. Once they did, they could get him down.

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