Gregory's Girl

Gregory's Girl (1981)


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Madeline: Hard work being in love, eh? Especially when you don't know which girl it is.

Headmaster: One problem area, the showers. What'll happen with the showers?
Phil Menzies: Oh, she'll bring her own soap.

Richard: All that fuss over a bit of tit.

Gregory: Have you ever been in love? I'm in love.
Steve: Since when?
Gregory: This morning. I feel restless and dizzy. I bet I won't get any sleep tonight.
Steve: Sounds like indigestion.

Gregory: Go do something your own age, like demolish a phonebox!

Visible crew/equipment: In the cookery class Susan returns to her worktop after talking to Steve - there is a shadow of the camera on the oven to her right.

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