Cocoon: The Return

Cocoon: The Return (1988)

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Visible crew/equipment: Near the end when Wilford and Don and Kitty are about to sneak into the Oceanic Center, they are scoping out the scene. As they turn the corner, the shot changes to a shot mounted on the hood looking right at Wilford. You can make out the top of the camera's shadow near the right windshield wiper. (01:30:45)

manthabeat Premium member

Continuity mistake: When Bernie tries to hang himself in his bedroom by jumping off some suitcases he ties the rope around his neck. In the close-up he puts the rope behind his right ear and in front of his left ear. In the long shot however the rope is behind his left ear. In the close-up it's in front of his left ear again.

Geert Kusters

Continuity mistake: When Bernie goes calling on his new girlfriend, he has flowers in his hand. When she opens the door to let him in, the flowers are already in her hands.

Dennis Gannon

Continuity mistake: Early in the movie, when Joe jumps over a fountain, as he is running he takes his hat off. In the shot of him jumping the hat is back on his head, but in the next shot of him landing the hat is back in his hand.

Ruby: Most people our age are a pain in the ass.
Bernie: Most people our age are dead.

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