The Big Bounce

Everyone backstabs everyone, but here it goes: Sara Foster setup the whole thing to pin Owen Wilson with murder and robbery and at the same time, blackmail Morgan Freeman and Bebe Neuwirth. But Bebe and Morgan have their own plans, so they kill Gary Sinise to inherit his fortune, and try to pin it on Owen, but fail, which messes up Sara's plans. Owen gets the $200 000 and leaves Hawaii with the room 9 girl, Morgan and Bebe take Gary's big boat and live happily ever after, and Sara is left all alone with nothing. Oh... and Charlie Sheen goes back to his wife.


Continuity mistake: After Jack and Nancy leave the Allison boat and are returning to shore, just as they are watching their stolen car being towed from the shore, there is a shot in front of them and Nancy is snuggled up close to Jack, slightly behind him. Then in a wider shot from behind them, Jack is a couple of feet off from Nancy, slightly behind her.


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Frank Pizzarro: What is this?
Jack Ryan: What's what?
Frank Pizzarro: Dude, this is $200. You said we made six.
Jack Ryan: Right, yeah, but $200 is your cut, cause that's the going rate for hiding in the truck.

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