The Vanishing

Jeff and Diane are returning home from a road trip and stop at convenience store. Jeff waits for Diane by the car, but she doesn't return. A massive police hunt fails to find any trace of her. A grieving Jeff obsessively continues to search for her. Several years later he meets Rita and seemingly puts the past behind him and starts a new life. Barney, the psychopath who killed Diane, has been watching Jeff and his search efforts from afar. When Jeff no longer actively looks for Diane, Barney sends cryptic clues to incite Jeff. Rita discovers Jeff is secretly searching for Diane again and confronts him. Meanwhile, Barney continues taunting Jeff, eventually meeting with him and convincing Jeff to come to his cabin where he says Diane is.

Continuity mistake: When Rita is being held by Barney in the cabin, she wipes the mud from her face with a white towel. In subsequent shots, her face goes from completely clean to streaked with smears of mud.


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Barney Cousins: You don't care if she's alive or dead anymore.
Jeff Harriman: Yes I do.
Jeff Harriman: No you don't. You're just scared that without the search you won't know who you are. Who is Jeff Harriman, if he's not the guy looking for Diane? Can you really walk away from finally knowing the answer?

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Question: Why is there someone (looks like a policeman) lying in the road when Jeff's girlfriend, Diane, vanishes from the service station? (00:22:00 - 00:24:00)

Answer: He is a crew member lying in the road trying to move the traffic.

Answer: There isn't.

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