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Educating Rita (1983)


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Dr. Frank Bryant: Found a culture, have you Rita? Found a better song to sing? No, you found a different song to sing, and on your lips it's shrill and hollow and tuneless.

Rita's Father: Say, Denny. Denny, I'm sorry for you, lad. If she was a wife of mine I'd drown her.
Rita: If I was a wife of yours I'd drown meself.

Dr. Frank Bryant: What does it say?
Rita: Right. I've passed. Now will you get on that bloody plane?
Dr. Frank Bryant: Let me see. You've passed with distinction. I'm proud of you, Rita.
Rita: I'm proud of both of us.

Dr. Frank Bryant: Did you know that Macbeth was a maggoty apple? Not many people know that.

Rita: Christ! My customer! She only come in for a demi-wave, she'll come out looking like a flippin' muppet.

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Continuity mistake: When Rita is telling Frank about what happened after Sandra's wedding, she jumps from standing at the right side of Frank's table to the left side. (00:56:25)

Cubs Fan

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Question: Where is Educating Rita meant to be set? I know that it is all filmed in Dublin but none of the characters are Irish - they are Liverpudlian or else have indistinguishable "posh" accents.

Gail Field

Chosen answer: It isn't meant to be set anywhere in particular.


Answer: Liverpool.

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