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Corrected entry: When Henry punches the tourist in the throat and takes his digital Elph camera the camera makes a winding sound like it was a 35mm film camera, not a digital.

doug spellman

Correction: That noise could have been the lens retracting if the off button is pushed. They sound very similar to winding a film camera.

Corrected entry: In the final chase scene where Ford's bike is now leaking fuel, a stray shot ignites the fuel from behind and chases him. If the bike is running at that speed the fuel trail would break up into tiny drops. Even if it were possible there's a part where Ford does a high jump and summersault on the bike, which would definitely break the trail of fuel.

Correction: Gasoline liquid does not burn, it's the vapour that burns. Thus, it would not need a trail of liquid to ignite.

Corrected entry: When the two women are fighting near the end of the movie with their bikes, at one point both their bikes go up on their front wheels and the back of the bikes hit each other. The bikes then fall back to the position they were in before the backs of the bikes left the ground, instead of falling straight down when they connected.

Correction: The back ends of the bikes rebounded off each other. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Corrected entry: There is no way that Henry's sprocket would be as nice and clean as the one Ford brings to the FBI agent. It would be full of grease and dirt.

Correction: Most owners are fanatical about the cleanliness of their bike. If it is cleaned thouroughly and regularly, it could very well be nearly spotless.

Corrected entry: When the Reaper is chasing Ford over the top of the train, the Reaper's pistol is out of ammo and he has to reload. The pistol is a semi-automatic and if it was empty the slide would lock back, but the slide on the Reaper's gun is still forward.

Correction: If the magazine is worn, the slide doesn't always lock, I have a .40 with 2 magazines that only catch the slide 10% of the time.

Corrected entry: In the scene where they break into the back of the truck they close the door from the inside and did not lock the door. Yet when they reach the police checkpoint the door has been locked and they are still inside.

Correction: Actually, it's closed. There was nothing it indicate that it was locked. They never got to the point of looking at the lock before the driver of the truck was hailed and recognized.

Corrected entry: Ford would have been unable to use the race car to escape from the police checkpoint. Race cars are drained of fuel before transportation, for safety reasons. Fuel is supplied from a separate tanker at the meet. Important electronics, such as the steering wheel, are also likely to have been removed.

Correction: The race car driver in the movie was obviously a one-man organization. Bearing this in mind it is very possible he either had fuel in the trailer and they filled up the car, or the car still had fuel in it from the last race.

Corrected entry: When Ford jumps his motorcycle onto the train, he skids his rear wheel to stop, extending his right leg for balance. This is impossible since the right foot is needed to engage the rear brake. There is no other way of doing it.

Correction: Not true, some bikes have the gear shift on the right on the bike. I didnt look at the scene really good to look, I'm just saying that some bikes have it on the other side.

Corrected entry: There is no way people on motorcycles can talk to each other like they do in this movie. There is too much noise to talk like that.

Correction: The part where ice cube puts the thing up to his helmet is real, my dad has one. But when theyre shouting your right.

Corrected entry: When Ford is trying to pass the two cars that are racing, he grabs a handful of front brake, but the camera shows the rear wheel locking up. Ford would not lock up the front brake like that, it would make him crash.

Correction: This is precisely why he didn't lock up the front, just because he grabs a handful of front brake doesn't mean he locked it up, that would be suicide. The rear however is easy to lock up and won't necessarily cause you to wreck.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: Henry's motorcycle is a Yamaha Warrior. This bike is driven by a belt, not a chain. Therefore, it would have no teethed sprockets,like the one Ford brings to the FBI agent. It wouldn't have a drive chain to be cut either.

Correction: Henry's bike is very customized, having an extremely powerful engine, it would not be able to function with a belt drive, thus the need for a chain drive because chain drives are able to handle more horse power. This is why most speed bikes have chains and cruisers have belts.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: When Ford is being aimed at by the Male FBI agent, he holds up a detonator to all of the bikes with high explosives. Later just after Ford leaves and his friend are leaving the male agent levels the gun at the three. The female agent pops up and has the detonator. She sets it off and blows herself backwards and we assume she dies if she is near the bikes. But later at the very end she is completely fine talking about what happened with minor cuts.

Correction: She is not fine, they are waiting for an ambulance and obviously doesn't want to be talked to because she is in extreme pain. She was wearing a bulletproof vest, but probably still hurt herself pretty bad.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: Ford rides a sport bike, not a custom, contrary to what all the news reporters are saying.

Correction: He rides a custom sport bike, still a valid description.

Sol Parker

Continuity mistake: After the wild end-chase explosion, Ford is thrown in front of a bus. When you first see the bus, an old man without a beard drives, yet two shots later, it's a completely different man with a big, brown beard driving.

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Dalton: I eat when I'm nervous.
Val: He eats when he's horny. He just likes to eat.

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Trivia: The bike that's silver and generic looking? It's called the Y2K, the one bike that sounds like a helicopter winding up and there at least 10 of those in the world.

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