Getting Even With Dad

Continuity mistake: In the Baskin-Robbins scene, Tim's ice cream dish goes from full to empty to full again. His spoon changes positions as well.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning, when Tim sees his Dad for the first time, his hair is combed neatly with gel. When he shows his father the schedule on paper, his hair is totally dry and doesn't have a speck of gel in it. Pretty fast for gel to wear off.

Continuity mistake: When the men are on the roof hiding the coins, Tim opens the door and listens in on their plan. He then closes the door, which sends Bobby running to the door. When on the roof, Bobby's jacket sleeves are rolled down, yet when he runs down the stairs after Tim hides, his sleeves are rolled up. Then when he goes back to the roof, his sleeves are down again. In the next scene his sleeves are up again.

Continuity mistake: In the robbery scene, there is an old man putting in the coins neatly inside a box. When Carl breaks the box open, we see that the coins have been moved around sloppily. This is impossible because throughout the whole struggle with the guards, the box didn't tilt or move at all for the coins to appear sloppy in the box.

Continuity mistake: In the baseball stadium scene, Bobby gets up and trips over the bats which sends him falling down the stairs. In one shot, as he is rolling, his hat falls off, yet, in the very next shot, the hat is on and falls off again.

Continuity mistake: When all of the men are going down the water slides, the water slide is shown as a big, long, simple slide from far away. When the fat man is shown up-close, he is going down a different water slide which has twirls and turns, etc. In the next shot, he is sliding down the long simple water slide.

Continuity mistake: When Macaulay Culkin's father is asking him whom the coins belong to, the guy puts out his cigarette. In the very next shot, he's still smoking a cigarette and puts it out again.

Continuity mistake: When Dobbs (the fence) calls Ray at work, the receiver is off the hook yet the phone is ringing.

Continuity mistake: In the Italian restaurant scene, Tim's plate is empty. It somehow fills up with soup before his father has a chance to give him his first spoon of soup.

Continuity mistake: In the Baskin-Robbins scene, Tim's ice cream dish goes from full to empty to full again. His spoon changes positions as well.

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Carl: You know Ray, since your kid's moved in, the food's gotten better.

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Question: Could the police in the film legally pursue Ted Danson's son (Macauley Culkin) the way they did? Merely possibly knowing about a crime doesn't seem like grounds for arrest.

Answer: I think they can. Using a measure called preventive detention, law enforcement agents can prevent a crime before it happens.

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Answer: Oh far more than that! He could face charges as an accessory to the crime, and or blackmail.


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