Girl with a Pearl Earring
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Maria Thins: You're not the first to forget your manners in front of his paintings. Tell me girl, do you think it finished? Three months. Another three before he's satisfied, no doubt. Well, get along girl. You're not paid to stand gawking all day.

Catharina: Is it true she wore my pearls? How could you? How could you?

Griet's Mother: Stay clear of their Catholic prayers. Or if you must be with them when they pray, stop your ears.

Van Ruijven: Griet, come here. What were you doing today? I missed you. We both did. I hear you've been of great use to your master, pretty Griet. All that grinding and stirring, eh? Master and maid. Its a tune we all know. And you can practice together, now.

Maria Thins: He's no fool, mind you. And he won't be taken for one. So, don't think otherwise.

Pieter: Don't get caught up in his world.
Griet: I may only be a maid, but I would never give in to Master Van Ruijven.
Pieter: I wasn't talking about Van Ruijven.

Vermeer: Look at me. Now, turn your head. Not your shoulders. Look at me. There. That's it.

Factual error: When Griet is introduced to the camera obscura, far too much light is projected onto Vermeer's and Griet's faces. Camera obscuras don't make their own light; rather the image produced on the viewing screen is always dull.

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Question: Does Greit say yes when Peiter asks her to marry him? I couldn't work this out.

Answer: Obviously, since she married him in the end.

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