The Band Wagon
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Girl In Train Station: Gee, there's a mob of reporters and photographers over there.
Man In Train Station: Yeah, there must be some big shot aboard. Maybe the president.
Girl In Train Station: No, too many for that. Probably a movie star.

Tony Hunter: Let's get this straight, I am not Nijinsky. I am not Marlon Brando. I am Mrs. Hunter's little boy, Tony, song and dance man.

Tony Hunter: The city was asleep. The joints were closed. The rats and hoods and killers were in their holes.

Tony Hunter: Do you know what those are on those benches? People. Happy people. Would you believe it, they don't even care if we have a damnation scene in our show or not.
Gabrielle Gerard: Neither do I.

Jeffrey Cordova: I'm sick of these artificial barriers between the musical and the drama. In my mind, there is no difference between the magic rhythms of Bill Shakespeare's immortal verse and the magic rhythms of Bill Robinson's immortal feet.

Tony Hunter: This girl, Gerard, its not just her dancing. On top of everything, she's too tall for me. This girl is a giantess.

Tony Hunter: She was bad. She was dangerous. I wouldn't trust her any further than I could throw her. But... she was my kind of woman.

Jeffrey Cordova: These four walls will be our universe. Our private world. We enter with nothing but a dream. But, when we leave, we'll have a show.

Lily Marton: With Tony in mind, we naturally visualize a light and intimate show. But, we want to give him a chance to play a charming guy with just enough plot to make him do lots of gay and varied numbers.

Jeffrey Cordova: Order me a corned beef sandwich, will you? Lean, now. No fat. No grizzle. Oh, and a cream soda and a pickle.

Tony Hunter: Oh, sweetie, I just want to say that no matter what happens tonight, its been.
Gabrielle Gerard: I know, Tony, its been that for me too.

Gabrielle Gerard: The show's a big hit, Tony... It's going to run for a long time.As far as I'm concerned, it's going to run forever.

Lily Marton: I knew that you could say it so beautifully.
Jeffrey Cordova: Oh, Lily, you splendid animal.
Lester Marton: Hey, take your hands off my wife and let's get down to business.

Jeffrey Cordova: You used the phrase 'he sells his soul to the Devil', now that's the line you have to carry straight through. Just like Faust, this man is tempted by the Devil and his compromise, his sell out, must end in eternal damnation.
Lester Marton: That'll leave 'em laughing.

Tony Hunter: Listen, you kids, you go on over to Sardi's and I'll see you later. Driver, take them on over. Order me a steak. See you in a few minutes.

Tony Hunter: No, don't say it - "Tony Hunter! 1953!" I hereby declare my independence. Tony Hunter, 1776.

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