Short Circuit 2

Short Circuit 2 (1988)


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Johnny 5: He locked you up? He did not smash, crush, dent, mangle you?
Fred: No, he just wanted us out of the way.
Johnny 5: Sure, kidnap the humans, destroy the machines.


Fred: Okay, Ace? I get your arm working, you can do the rest yourself, right?
Johnny 5: Kay-O, Derf.
Fred: Fred.
Johnny 5: That's what I said. Derf.


Visible crew/equipment: When Fred is chucked on the table and says, "Watch the silk." you can see that its Fred's stunt double as he's a lot fatter and his hair is obviously a wig also he does a really good job of covering his face so the audience can't see hes a stunt man.

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Question: Does anyone have the deleted scenes of Johnny 5 being repaired by Nova? I believe the owner of the diamonds paid Nova to repair him as a thanks or something along those lines.

Answer: I have the DVD but there are no deleted scenes.

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