Aileen (Charlize Theron) is a prostitute in Florida who meets a young girl named Selby (Christina Ricci) in a lesbian bar. They talk for a while and they start to form a relationship. Selby runs away from her aunt's house to go on the road with Aileen. Aileen tries to go clean, but when she realizes how difficult that is without any social skills or education, she goes back to hooking. After being raped in a secluded area and having her life threatened, she kills the man responsible. after that, she kills any man she mistrusts, usually people she feels will rape her. Then she takes their money and wallet, trying to buy a new life for herself and Selby.


Revealing mistake: How on Earth can Selby get those skin tight T-shirts over that huge cast on her arm? They cannot possibly stretch any more than they already are - look at the scene where she and Eileen are checking the mail. There is no way that sleeve would fit over the cast without ripping! It is well beyond the capacity of that tight T-shirt to stretch to that extent! Obviously Christina Ricci had the cast fitted after she was in costume.

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Aileen: I'm not a bad person. I'm a real good person.

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Trivia: "Selby Wall", played by Christina Ricci, is a totally fictional character. She does not exist. Wuornos' lover was Tyria Moore, who is tall and stocky and looks nothing like Ricci. There is evidence that Wuornos told Moore about at least one of the murders she committed (Richard Mallory in November 1989) and she didn't report it. She agreed to make the phone call to Wuornos, taped by the police, in exchange for immunity from prosecution. This is correctly depicted in the film.

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Question: Was Christina Ricci's arm cast written in the script, or was her arm really broken and they kept her in the role anyway? The cast just seems like an inconvenient and cumbersome thing for an actor to deal with, given that it really lends nothing of importance to the story.


Chosen answer: It was very relevant to the story. Because Sadie's arm was in a cast, she couldn't get a job. Without a job, she had to move back home to her parents.

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