Dumb and Dumber

Question: What is the trailer both were watching on TV while they were having some snacks in bed in the Aspen hotel room?

Answer: It was a commercial for Pacific Bell. A telephone company.

Question: What is the name of the song that is playing during the opening credits?

Answer: It's called Boomshakalaka, by Apache Indian.


Question: I live in the UK and I was watching this movie when it was broadcasted on T.V. When Harry is trying to fix Mary's toilet I could have sworn I saw Harry literally rip the toilet off the floor and tip the contents out the window and yet I have never seen this on the video or DVD. Could I just have been imagining it or does it have something to do with the American version?

Answer: This is a scene that was cut from the theatrical release of the film, but is present in the extended cut and some international DVD versions.

Question: What is the van that Harry and Lloyd drive? It's jokingly called an '84 sheepdog but, I'd like to know what make and model it really is.

Answer: 1984 Ford Econoline.


Question: Which model of car were Harry and Lloyd driving in Aspen? I think it's a really cool one.

Answer: It's a Lamborghini Diablo.


Question: Why were Harry and Lloyd walking home at the end? They said the hog broke down, but what about the car they bought? I know they used the money out of the briefcase to buy it, but surely Mary would've let them keep it as a reward since she was gonna give it away to the kidnappers anyway?

Answer: They explicitly say, "First Mary dumps us, then the cops take away our nest egg." So, Mary did not let them keep it (also, it's hard to imagine that she would have been pleased with them having blown all the money that was meant to save her husband). They would not have been able to keep any of the things they bought with the money since they stole the money to begin with (you could argue that they didn't steal it at first when Lloyd grabbed the briefcase, but once they knew it was money, it was certainly theft to spend it all and replace it with IOUs). It all would have been returned to the rightful owners.

Answer: I got the impression the money came from Mary's husband's family, who might not want to gift them a Lamborghini Diablo. Why she didn't buy them a bus ticket, on the other hand.

Brian Katcher

Question: While Lloyd is talking to Mary Swanson in the limo, a white car can be seen in the back window. There are of course two lanes on each side of the road. The person in the car appears to be very angry and is tailgating the limo. That unknown person could have just changed lanes. When the limo goes through a red light, is it quite possible that the tailgater got hit and blown up by a semi truck that's coming from a different direction?

Answer: Having just watched the scene, I can't see any reason to think the driver of the white car is angry or tailgating the limo; they're just driving behind it. Also, we see the white car through the rear window AFTER the explosion, so it wasn't involved in that.

Question: They stop at a restaurant called 'Dante's Inferno', hottest food east of the Mississippi.' Is this a real place? Where is it?

Answer: No, at least not anymore. The building is located at 845 West 24th Street, Ogden, Utah, United States and is the home of a department of The American Legion Post 9 https://sites.google.com/site/alpost9utah/ There are several restaurants called Dante's Inferno, if any of the is related to one once located in that house, is unknown, I couldt find any information online.

Answer: In this link there is something about a restaurant called Dante's Inferno. If you look at the map, you can see that it lies on the 191. It lies in Montana, but I'm not sure that it is the same restaurant. http://chefmoz.org/United_States/MT/Big_Sky/Dante's_Inferno1029620067.html.


Answer: Looks like a Cushman mini-bike manufactured in the late '60's in the U.S.A.

Question: What does the bad guy mean when he says "How the hell do they know that I've got gas"?

Answer: The idiots left a note for the 'gas man', explaining why they were running out on their delinquent heating bill. The hit man, who suffers from chronic stomach gas, thinks the note is for him, and that Lloyd and Harry are highly skilled professionals who have him under surveillance and know even minute details about his health.

Brian Katcher

Question: It's never shown or explained in the movie, so does someone know why Bobby (Mary's husband) was kidnapped and why Nicholas was behind it?

Answer: If I recall correctly, Mary and Bobby's family is very wealthy. Knowing this, Nicholas, a family acquaintance, betrays them and has Bobby kidnapped for a ransom, meanwhile Nicholas is in close contact with Mary urging her to meet the kidnapper's demands for the safety of her husband.

Question: When the bad guys ring Nicholas from outside the motel Harry and Lloyd are staying at, how did they know that they were staying there? Sure they would have noticed the Mutt Cutts van BUT until the note on the door they didn't know that Lloyd even had a roommate. They didn't see them leave after they took the briefcase and legged it so how did they even know that they were travelling across the country in that van?

Answer: They see Lloyd and Harry together long before that...right at the beginning, in fact, when the two return home. After Lloyd says, "I fell off the jetway again", the henchmen pull up and see them enter their apartment building. The note explicitly says they "packed up and drove to Aspen", so it wasn't very hard to simply head that way and subsequently find them at the hotel...as you say, the van is pretty distinctive.

They didn't have the van in Aspen.

Harry and Lloyd were in the hotel room and reading the newspaper, found out about the preservation society gala. When they both went, Shay immediately recognized them and told Nicholas. Nicholas ordered Shay to keep a close eye on both of them. Although they didn't have the van in Aspen, that wouldn't have mattered now since shortly after they arrived, Nicholas knew he could finally get the ransom money back.

Question: Did Lloyd get any money when he traded the van for the hog? He states he "traded the van for it, straight up" but in the previous scene Harry stated they didn't have enough money to get Aspen or get home. How were they still able to afford to get to Aspen?

Answer: Presumably the minibike (hog) would get better gas mileage, so the money they did have for gas would get them all the way to Aspen.


Question: In the restaurant scene with Mentalino, after the boys eat peppers, Mental goes out and calls in, then comes back and asks the boys why they travel so light - only saw a briefcase and some other stuff. So... Why didn't Mental just take the briefcase and leave? That's what he was along for - to find.

Answer: At this point, Mental still believes the boys are highly trained professionals. He wants to find out who hired them, and then eliminate them.

Brian Katcher

Question: When Mary and Lloyd are in the hotel room, and Nicholas knocks on the door, Lloyd goes to answer and says "Hi, we have plenty of towels thanks." The thing I don't understand is why Mary comes up behind Lloyd a few seconds after he has started speaking with a shocked look on her face. She didn't know Nicholas was at the door until she got there (the shock is on her face before she sees who it is), so why the shock and also why did she follow Lloyd to the door?

Answer: Simple curiosity made her follow Lloyd. Her surprise at seeing Nicholas was purely because she wasn't expecting to see him, she didn't know at that time that he was one of the bad guys and as far as she knew, there was no need for him to be there.


Question: I heard that the famous scene where Jim Carrey makes "the most annoying sound in the world" was an ad lib. Any truth to this?

Answer: Apparently yes, he ad-libbed that line. There were a few other instances in the film where he supposedly adlibbed including the man on the moon line, and when he eats the condiments after eating the chillis.


Question: This is proberbly an American thing, but when Lloyd and Harry are in the diner, they say to the waitress, "Excuse me, Flo" and crack up laughing. Why?

Answer: Flo was a saucy waitress at Mel's Diner in the TV sitcom, "Alice". She was played by Polly Holliday. Jay references her in "Chasing Amy" as well.

Grumpy Scot

Question: Why don't Nicholas' two goons wait for Harry and Lloyd to come back to their apartment? The woman said they'd have to come back sometime, so why not wait, instead of killing their bird as a message?


Answer: At this point, Shay and Mental think that Harry and Lloyd are professional criminals who have been following them secretly for long enough to know about the entire kidnapping operation. They don't want to wait because it could leave them as sitting ducks if Harry and Lloyd were violent. In addition, waiting simply puts them for a long time and in front of many witnesses at the scene of what could be a murder (if they killed Harry and Lloyd).

Answer: Plus, Nicholas' cronies think that Harry and Lloyd work for someone who's trying to stop them retrieving the briefcase, which is shown when they go to confront them the second time and find the note on the apartment door. It's not until later on, that they realise that Lloyd and Harry aren't the pros that they think they are, and it's then that they try to kill them at Dante's Inferno.

Answer: Because if they had, the movie would be over in 20 minutes, and on a very violent note. It's a common film convention: To advance the plot, and to fit the tone of the film (here, a goofy comedy rather than a gangster thriller), characters behave in ways that real people in their position would not. There is no in-universe explanation.

Continuity mistake: When Lloyd tackles Mary on the hotel stairs, she is wearing black pantyhose. By the time they get to the hotel room, she has miraculously changed into grey tights. (01:28:45)

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Lloyd: This didn't come out of our travel fund.
Harry: Oh.
Lloyd: Yeah, I was able to raise 25 extra bucks before we left.
Harry: Where did you get 25 extra bucks?
Lloyd: I sold some stuff, to Billy on 4C.
Harry: The blind kid?
Lloyd: [Laughing.] Yeah, yeah.
Harry: What did you sell him Lloyd?
Lloyd: You know, stuff.
Harry: What kinda stuff?
Lloyd: Few baseball cards, a sack of marbles, [coughs.] Petey.
Harry: Petey? You sold my dead bird to a blind kid? Lloyd, wh- he- wha- Petey didn't even have a head!
Lloyd: Harry, I took care of it.

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Trivia: In the bar scene Lloyd sees the newspaper clipping on the wall and says "No way! We landed on the moon?" This wasn't in the script - Jim Carrey improvised the line and it was left in the movie.

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