Chasing Liberty

Anna and Ben make it to the music festival in Berlin. Ben calls agent Weiss and tells him that soon Anna will be back with her parents and the whole chase will be over. Anna overhears what Ben says and realizes that he's a Secret Service agent. She walks away from him upset and is harassed by some dudes and Ben rescues her. Some time later (back home in the U.S.), Anna is studying in Harvard, agents Weiss and Morales are together and Anna learns from her dad that Ben quit the Secret Service and is living in London. Anna goes to London and Ben is working as a photographer and they get back together.


Continuity mistake: In the shot when Anna is on the helicopter after running from Ben, his t-shirt is up (showing his stomach), then down, then back up again in a matter of seconds.

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Anna Foster: Ben. Can you ever just say what you really feel?
Ben Calder: Okay, all right! Because I'm jealous as hell. Because I'd hate to see you with Gus Gus. I'd hate to see you with any other man. Because not only did I adore kissing you in Venice, but also because I'm so un-bloody-hinged just being near you.

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