Dirty Mary Crazy Larry

Continuity mistake: During the first chase with the Charger, interior shots looking forward show the car has black windshield wiper frames, but shots from the front looking at the windshield show silver frames. (00:57:25)


Continuity mistake: During the chase against the helicopter, some exterior shots of the Charger show all its windows are fully open, but all interior shots (and a few exteriors) show the rear side windows are closed. (01:25:15)


Continuity mistake: While making a sharp left turn, the Charger is struck in the left rear quarter panel by the 'hot rod' police car, deforming that panel severely. But as the Charger again turns left onto a dirt road to 'powder' the cop's face, the panel is undamaged. The shots that follow next show the damage is back for the remainder of the film. (01:20:25)


Continuity mistake: When we see the train from the front just before the collision at the end of the film, the staircase on its front/right corner is already heavily damaged/crushed. Then, as the car is about to collide with the train, we see the train in a side view and these stairs are perfectly fine. The approaching front view was obviously filmed after the crash. Note the same damage is on the train in the film's opening shot (just before the credits and theme song start). (01:30:55)


Revealing mistake: When the Charger hits the red truck, the truck turns over with the assistance of a 'pipe cannon' (note the sudden eruption of white smoke from under the truck). This device is like a large gun, pointed down that fires a cylindrical wooden 'bullet' at the ground, and the pressure behind it forces one side of the truck upward, causing the flip. Evidence of its use is seen when the passing cop drives away and in the street is a perfectly circular 'dent' in the asphalt with a burn mark surrounding it. (01:12:50 - 01:16:20)


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Suggested correction: A cannon roll uses a large device, usually a metal pipe that is pointed down, but it does not fire a "bullet" wooden or otherwise. It is just the force of the explosive charge focused downwards that causes the cars to roll over.

A cannon roll shoots out a wooden log to flip a vehicle, it's not just shooting out air.


This is just nonsense, a wooden log would be too dangerous to use, would be highly conspicuous on screen, and would take up room inside a vehicle.

Jukka Nurmi

Then you don't know how they use to do car stunts. It does take up room, but even modern methods do. Cars have to be modified heavily and of course it's dangerous, they're flipping a car with a driver inside. Film makers do everything they can to avoid the stunt car from being detected (just the same way they do everything that can to avoid a dummy being detected). Here's a article that talks about car stunts before the pneumatic flipper. Https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a15364815/the-inside-story-of-the-academy-award-winning-car-inversion-device-or-how-to-flip-cars-real-good/.


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Larry Rayder: I think I'm gonna screw Miss Mary. You mind, Deke?
Mary Coombs: I mind, Yo-yo.
Larry Rayder: Well, you didn't mind last night. Matter of fact, you kept begging for more.
Mary Coombs: Oh. Well maybe that gives you some idea of how little I was getting.

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