The Beautician and the Beast

Continuity mistake: When Joy is packing up to leave for eastern Europe, she's talking to her mom and she has two trolls in her hand, and you can see that the troll with the blue hair is still on the stand. In the next shot, she has the troll with the blue hair in her hand.


Continuity mistake: When Joy begins to give the president a massage, she starts by lightly throwing the towel over his rear, a few seconds later without anyone touching it, the towel is now tucked under his waist slightly. (01:03:35)

Sol Parker

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Joy is talking to her mom about settling, the amount of ice cream in her bowl changes between shots. Sometimes its about half full, other times it is almost empty.


Continuity mistake: When Joy and the President are on the trail talking about how he killed a cow, she has a huge dirt spot on her pants. A couple of shots later, Joy runs down to talk to Svetlana and the dirt isn't there anymore.


Continuity mistake: In The Scene Where Joy is massaging the president. You see a close up of the presidents face with a cloth around it but when it changes to A different view of Joy massaging the president you should be able to see the cloth but you don't. It keep disappearing and reappearing.

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