Modern Times

Modern Times (1936)

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Continuity mistake: During the visit of the Minister in jail, Charlie sits next to the Minister's wife. The distance between them varies between shots. (00:30:40)

Dr Wilson

Revealing mistake: During the fight in the prison, you can see that the doors are really cheap. A policeman is pushed on one of them and it opens. Not really efficient to retain prisoneers. (00:26:40)

Dr Wilson

Audio problem: During the musical show in the restaurant, the singers' lips do not match the sounds. (01:14:10)

Dr Wilson

Revealing mistake: When the flag falls from the truck, it is actually attached to a thread that a crew member out of the camera field of view lets fall.

Dr Wilson

Other mistake: When Charlie and Paulette are being taken away to jail in a van, there are no more seats left - Charlie gave Paulette his seat - so Charlie has to stand. The view of the prison van is from the back of the van. At one stage we can see part of an arm, an elbow, beside Paulette, where there should be nothing but the end of the van.


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