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Corrected entry: When Tiger Lily is speaking in Iroquois to Captain Hook she actually says words like, "You are the life stealer, you smell of bear poop, etc." not "Sorry, but no."


Correction: The pirate was being sarcastic by saying that that is what she said. His response was scripted that way deliberately.

Corrected entry: When Wendy is shot down by the lost boys and they build a house around her, the house does not have a floor, but when Captain Hook's men carry the house to the pirate ship, the house must have a floor or Wendy wouldn't be able to remain inside. (00:35:50 - 00:59:45)

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Correction: When Wendy is shot down, she lies on an all green grassy area, before the house is built. When Wendy wakes up, she is not only surrounded by a dense amount of very large colorful leaves, those leaves are also directly under her. While she was unconscious, obviously Peter and the boys moved her onto the bed of colorful leaves and it is entirely plausible and feasible that the leaves lie atop a floor, just like the walls that they built.

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Correction: The sign on the door reads "Capt Jas Hook." Jas was, in the past, a common contraction of the name James. While it may have been used in this case as a nod to the actor, Jason Issacs, it is in fact not an error given that the story takes place in the 19th century. Reworded text: none needed.

Corrected entry: In the pan across the London rooftops at the beginning, there are two Big Bens.

Correction: Only one Big Ben is shown at the opening of the film when there is an overhead pan of London. In this shot there are a three steeples seen. The one in the center in the distance has the appearance of Big Ben. The one to the right is a church, as it has a cross at the top. The one to the left is a steeple with straight sides and gives the appearance of being another church.

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Correction: There were only a few tears down her cheeks, so naturally, her eyes wouldn't be all puffy. But if you look closely, you can see that her eyes are a little red underneath and wet looking.


Corrected entry: After Pan cuts Michael, John, and Tiger Lily loose from the rock, they are still gagged. In the next shot, the gags are off.

Correction: After being set free, it seems logical that they would remove the uncomfortable gags from their mouths.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Smee holds out the box of hooks to Captain Hook, he chooses a double-headed hook and screws it on. A few shots later, the hook has changed back into the single-headed one.

Correction: Captain Hook went to his cabin and when he came back on deck, the hook was single again. We do not need to see him switching the hooks in the cabin, it can be done off camera.

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Corrected entry: When Wendy, John and Michael are on a cloud, Michael starts screaming as if he is falling before the cloud he is holding rips completely.

Correction: Michael is a little boy. The cloud he was on was just fired upon by a cannon. He has reason to scream, even though he still grips the cloud.

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Continuity mistake: When John says, "You offend reason sir," Peter floats up. The large light fixture is hanging from the ceiling. However, in the next shot facing Peter when he says, "Just think happy thoughts," where is the light fixture? It's gone so Peter can fly around the ceiling, but it's back again in later shots. (00:21:15)

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[Wendy arrives at the house.]
Peter: Welcome, mother! Discipline, that's what fathers believe in. We must spank the children immediately before they try to kill you again. In fact we should kill them.
[Yells and runs after the Lost Boys who scream and hide. Wendy stands between Peter and the Lost Boys.]
Wendy: Father! I agree that they are perfectly horrid but kill them and they'll think themselves important.
Lost Boys: So important!
Curly: And unique!
Wendy: I suggest something far more dreadful. Medicine! It's the most beastly, disgusting stuff, the sticky, sweet kind.
Lost Boys: Kill us! Please Peter!

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Trivia: Nana the Nurse Dog was actually played by three different dogs - in fact, they were all males playing a female. Whenever there is a close up of Nana, the dog you see is called Rebel.

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Question: If Peter Pan says that the Lost Boys fell out of their prams and weren't claimed in 7 days so they were sent to Neverland. This would make them infants. Why then are they like 7-12 years old if Neverland doesn't make you age?

Answer: It's not that you never age, it's that you never grow up, i.e. pass into puberty and become an adult.


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