Poolhall Junkies

Factual error: When Brad does the jump shot to make the 8-ball, we can see the cue ball as it leaves the rail, and there is no way that it could result in the position on the nine ball, in the next frame.

Revealing mistake: When Uncle Mike and Johnny go upstairs at the party to hustle Phil and company, Phil shoots the eight ball towards the corner pocket, and the sound effect indicates he made the shot. Phil says, "That's how we do it," but right as he says this, the eight ball is seen slowly rolling back into the shot, revealing he actually missed the shot.


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Mike: I'm gonna step outside and get some smog.

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Trivia: One of the producers makes a cameo appearance in the movie as pro pool player Bobby LeBlanc. He is also responsible for making all the shots in the movie where the actor's faces aren't visible and only their hands are.

oddy knocky

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