Cheaper by the Dozen

Trivia: In one of the scenes where Steve Martin is talking to the press, one of the reporters is Shawn Levy, the film's director.

Trivia: The name of Mark's frog is Beans. Steven Anthony Lawrence plays Dylan in this film, and his character's nickname on the Disney channel show "Even Stevens" is also Beans.

Trivia: Despite playing one of the principal roles as Hank, Ashton Kutcher is not credited in this film.

Trivia: In the original dozen family there was a girl named Mary Elizabeth Gilbreth. Mary along with some of her other siblings got diphtheria and she, at age 6, was the only one to die from it. The family never got over the loss of Mary and still referred to themselves as the dozen even though all 12 children were never contemporaries. This explains why very few references have Mary's passing in them including the Gilbreth books or even their papers.

Trivia: When the father is talking to Hilary Duff in her room about the mother not coming home for two weeks music can be heard playing in the background. Listen closely its a song by Hilary duff that she is listening to.


Trivia: The scene where the twins dump the whole bag of dog food was completely improvised.

Continuity mistake: When the Baker's first move in and Dylan's family comes to visit, right after Dylan falls off of the Chandelier, Jake throws one of his shoes down (not both). In the next shot, the father is holding both shoes. (00:25:45)

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Tom Baker: You soaked his underwear in meat? That is so wrong. Funny, but wrong.

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Question: I haven't seen the whole movie and I was wondering why they were calling the one boy "FedEx"?

Answer: He doesn't look like the other 11 kids, so his siblings told him he wasn't really one of them, but had been dropped off by the FedEx man.


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