Cheaper by the Dozen

Corrected entry: After the family moves, Charlie, Lorraine, Jake, Mark, Kim, Jessica and Mike are all shown going to school. But for some reason, Henry and Sarah are not.


Correction: They do not go to school with the others because Charlie and Lorraine are in high school and Jake, Mark, Kim, Jessica and Mike are in elementary. It is quite feasible that Henry and Sarah are in middle school and we just don't see them at school.


Corrected entry: Earlier in the movie they say it is a four-hour drive from Chicago to Midland. Once they arrive at the train station in the Midland, the family is there to greet them. How fast were they driving?

Correction: The train could have stopped several times along the way or not taken a direct route to Midland. If this is case you could easily drive there faster.


Corrected entry: In several shots you can see that the supposedly-identical girl twins are not really twins, for example their hair color is different. You can also tell that some of the kids are really relatives, such as FedEx and one of the girl twins.

Correction: Also FedEx's name is Forest Landis. The twins names are Morgan York and Lillian Mumy. Therefore, Forest or FedEx is related to neither of the twins.

Correction: The girl twins are fraternal twins, meaning they don't look alike. The youngest boys, Kyle and Nigel are the only identical twins in the family.

Corrected entry: When Tom Baker is at home with the kids and Nora comes over, Nigel throws a dart at Kim's forehead. She has a deep cut and it is bleeding. In no other scene does she have any type of scar, scab or mark.

Correction: She may not have any scar, that is true, but you cannot be sure that it was a deep enough to leave a mark. It might have only been as bad as a vaccination, and they heal pretty quickly.

Corrected entry: On the Baker kid's first day of school we see everyone go to school except for Henry and Sara. (00:44:30)

Correction: How is this a mistake?

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Corrected entry: In the scene in which the kids prepare to soak the underwear in meat, the underwear comes out of the dryer as briefs. When the kids are drying it, it has become a boxer brief, presumably because it's larger and makes for a better shot in the closeup.

Correction: Unfortunately, you are mistaken, it never changes from when they take it out of the dryer.

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Corrected entry: When Tom is about to take the family picture, Mark walks out in black. However, why was Tom about to take the picture without all of the kids?

Correction: It's Jake that walks out in the black, and it's likely that Tom was just getting the camera ready before Jake came out.

Corrected entry: When Sarah gets up from her homework desk to watch Dylan's birthday party, she is in her bedroom and the desk is behind her when she gets up. When she turns around after she looks out the window, the desk is gone and she is in the hallway.

Correction: When she gets up, she actually walks outside her bedroom door to the hallway window.

Corrected entry: When Tina and Bill arrive to greet the Bakers, the Bakers dog leaps up at the neighbours, and Tom has to hold back the dog. He is bending down holding the dog, then Tina says "I don't eat meat." In the very next shot, Tom is now standing normally, and their dog has vanished. (00:22:50)

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Correction: That's wrong, Tom pushes the dog away, stands up and then says "Do you have a cheeseburger anywhere on your person?", to which Tina then responds "I don't eat meat."

Corrected entry: After Hank is chased into his Lebaron by the dogs and the dogs all over his car we can clearly hear him yelling for Nora to get in. We should not be able to hear him that well, if at all, because the windows in the car are rolled up.


Correction: Yes, you would be able to hear him, because his windows are rolled down about an inch, enough for shouts to be heard.

Corrected entry: Right after the scene where Sarah Baker decides that they're going to Dylan's birthday party, you see the kids climbing down a rope at the side of the house to exit. You then see Kyle Baker (wearing blue) climbing down the top of the rope. Then when the shot changes, Kyle is throwing down presents to Sarah.

Correction: We never see Kyle or Nigel climb down the rope. We only see them crossing the street. Even if we did see them Nigel and Kyle are wearing the exact same thing so we couldn't be sure that was Kyle.

Henry is the one throwing down the presents. Sarah and Mike are the ones that climb down the Rope first Jake is the one in blue climbing down the Rope again while Henry is tossing down the presents.

Corrected entry: When Steve Martin ends up covered in breakfast just after trying to catch Beans there is a piece of toast on his right shoulder. When you first see it it is on the front of his shirt, but then the shot changes and when it comes back to him the toast is at the back of his shoulder. (00:09:30)

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Correction: It does not move it just looks like it is different becuse the camera is not as close as the previous shot. It is still in the same spot.

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Corrected entry: In the whole movie, no mention is made of Tom Baker ever leaving to play an away game. Does Illinois just not play away matches?

Correction: Just because this detail isn't talked about doesn't mean that they didn't occur. They never specifically say all the matches are home games, either.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Hank reminds Nora of a previous encounter with her family, he says, "Maybe next time it was my pants, but maybe next time it will be my face". He obviously meant to say, "Maybe last time it was my pants..."

Correction: If you listen closely enough, he does say "maybe last time it was my pants, but maybe next time it will be my face". I've watched this scene many times, and he does say "last time".


Corrected entry: When Bonnie Hunt is getting in the cab to go to the airport for her trip to New York, her hair is in a perfect bob. When she gets there and is talking to her publisher in her hotel room, her hair is in a flip.

Correction: Enough time has passed that she could have re-curled her hair after her flight, and before her publisher showed up.

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Corrected entry: When the family is moving, the trucks seen from the air are different to those seen at the new house. (00:20:35 - 00:21:35)

Dr Wilson

Correction: The style of the Bekins trucks are the exact same. There is also an additional Crate and Barrel Truck, but it is a separate delivery truck with their new furniture, and not a moving truck that came from the house.

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Corrected entry: When Charlie and Hillary Duff first go to school in their new town, Charlie hits the end of the car with his leg and the alarm goes off. The alarm should already be going off because the group that made fun of Charlie and Hillary was already sitting on it.

Correction: Most car alarms go off when they are struck by someone or something. Just because people are sitting on it, doesn't mean it will go off.

Corrected entry: When Bonnie is interviewed on radio and taking calls from listeners, no headphones are used. The sound from the speaker in the studio would go back into the microphones and create feedback, no radio show would be done like that.

Correction: I have been interviewed on the radio without headphones. There is no need for speakers to be on during a simple interview - everyone can hear everything that's going on without them.

Corrected entry: How is it possible for only the dad to work, coaching a local football team, and earn enough money to support 12 kids? This would be impossible in real life, but in the movie, they live comfortably, and appear to have no financial strain other then the daughter asking for no more hand-me-downs.

Correction: They live in a small town, where the cost of living is lower, they own very old cars, they cut coupons, they have hand me downs, they have old furniture, they buy only what they need, and only on sale. Apparently early on they learned to economize and get the best bang for their buck. The mother was a journalist for some years, we can assume she possibly did some freelance writing which she could do from her home, etc.

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Corrected entry: When Kim has the bucket on her head the first day Bonnie Hunt is gone, you can see her hitting her head on the doorway but every time she does she holds her hands out so she knows when to hit her head.

Correction: Sure, Kim was holding her hands out to feel for when she would hit, but if you pay attention, she also lifts the bucket above her eyes and then feels for the wall.

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Continuity mistake: After Mark is found, he runs into Kate's arms and hugs her and her sunglasses fall off her head, but then in the very next shot they're back on her head perfectly. (01:24:50)

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Kate Baker: He is not a doorknob!
Jake Baker: The man irons his jeans, Mom.
Kate Baker: Yeah, that's weird.

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Trivia: Despite playing one of the principal roles as Hank, Ashton Kutcher is not credited in this film.

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Question: Why was Tom bringing the football team to his house?

Answer: Because he needed a way to coach the team while also watching his kids.

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