Factual error: When Shorty is removing Jennings' memories in the beginning, the pictures shown are from a third person viewpoint. If they are his memories, shouldn't these be from Jennings' viewpoint? (00:06:40)


Factual error: In the scene where Michael is patching the ATX motherboard with a paper clip, the sparks coming out of the box are ridiculously long for being low voltage flashovers, especially as the motherboard has no power supply connected to it. Even if the board would run directly on mains voltage the flashovers would only be a couple of millimeters. Furthermore, flashovers are blue, not yellow as shown. (00:53:55)

Andreas Winnberg

Factual error: In the scene where Mike is in the subway trying to short the controls with a paperclip; the circuit board appears to be an ATX computer motherboard. The cards he pulls out appear to be PCI cards. Also, the motherboard is missing RAM and has no power supply attached to it. Furthermore, why would sensitive electrical circuit boards be mounted in a locked metal box in a damp subway?


Factual error: When Ben finally uses the machine, we see a lot of flashes of events, some from the recent past (the items he sent himself), and some from the future (war). However, one shot of a future nuclear blast is actually a famous picture of a specific explosion from the '60s, I think (an above ground test on an island somewhere), just with a city superimposed at the front of the photo instead of some watery flat land. I've got a poster of that very explosion on my wall. Hardly a future event.

Factual error: The setting isn't right at all. When the shot of the Space Needle is shown, there aren't nearly enough tall buildings shown, and you should be able to see at least a little water somewhere.

Continuity mistake: When Michael and Shorty are having lunch after Michael is released, he empties the contents of the envelope onto the table. A bit later he puts everything back into the envelope, but the bullet remains on the table under a napkin. Later in the movie, Michael empties the envelope and the bullet is in it.

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Shorty: Say one word about this hat, and I'm outta here.

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Answer: The name of the character is Rita Dunne. The name of the actress is Kathryn Morris.

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