Kill Bill: Volume 2

Trivia: The car Darryl Hannah drives is the same type as Burt Reynolds' Trans-Am from the Smokey and the Bandit films. In fact, she's fairly sure it's the actual one. At one point while shooting she was driving along with QT in the passenger seat when he excitedly yelled "pull off here.", pointing down a dirt track. She fishtailed the car down the road, going at a fair old speed, when she suddenly noticed she was heading straight for a hole. Quentin yelled "jump it. It's just a movie, nothing can happen." Choosing common sense she squealed to a halt just before the hole. QT's comment? "Burt Reynolds would have jumped it".

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Trivia: A piece of Bill's dialogue makes a fairly subtle reference to Reservoir Dogs when he says to the Bride something along the lines of, "I hear the kneecap is a very painful place to get shot." This homages Harvey Keitel's character telling Mr. Orange that "along with the kneecap, the stomach is the most painful place someone can be shot."

Trivia: Though the Bride didn't kill Budd herself, her namesake did: the snake Black Mamba.


Trivia: It wasn't until over 10 years later in 2018 that Uma Thurman revealed Quentin Tarantino accidentally made her crash a car and injure herself during production of this film, which she found reckless and caused a rift in their friendship. This is why they haven't worked together since.

Trivia: Even though we can't really see her face, when Budd drags the Bride out of the truck, dumps her on the ground, then hauls her along the ground, that's actually Uma Thurman.

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Trivia: When the Bride is in her coffin and she slides her boot up to her and pulls out the straight edge knife, this is an homage to Michael Madsen's (Budd) character, Mr. Blonde, in Reservoir Dogs (in fact, it's the same knife). In RD he pulls a straight edge knife out of his boot before he removes Marvin's ear in the famous "ear scene."

Trivia: There is a piece of music which plays for a split second when the camera is looking down on the Bride's body in the church. That exact same piece of music is also heard for a split second in Reservoir Dogs when Mr. Blond is flicking through the radio stations (right before he tortures the cop) looking for K. Billy's super sounds of the 70s.

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Trivia: The Bride never speaks to Budd throughout the whole film.

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Continuity mistake: Right after Budd shoots Beatrix, he kicks her sword away from her, but the sword keeps changing position in subsequent shots. Sometimes it's on the ground and sometimes it's stuck in the side of a trash can. (00:25:30)

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Elle Driver: What's that?
Beatrix Kiddo: Budd's Hanzo sword.
Elle Driver: He said he pawned it.
Beatrix Kiddo: Well, then, I guess that makes him a liar, now don't it?

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Question: Why did Elle kill Budd? Was it really just to get her hands on Kiddo's sword? or was it more to it? As poor as he was seems like she could have just offered him a small amount of money for it. Why kill him?

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Chosen answer: The way she talks to Budd as he lies dying, seems to indicate that she has disliked and hated him for years, plus the fact that she feels that he was not "worthy" of killing Kiddo (seeing how Kiddo was a fantastic warrior, while Budd is an alcoholic hick). However, it would be difficult for her to get close enough to kill him earlier, as he would not buy any excuse why she just came visiting. But when Budd actually invites her over, she gets a chance to get back at him, and in the same while take the credit for killing the Bride and retrieving her Hanzo sword for Bill. Vengeance and personal gain in one swoop.


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