Kill Bill: Volume 2

Beatrix Kiddo (the bride) doesn't actually kill anybody in this movie except Bill. She goes after Budd, but she is shot (but only with rocksalt) and then buried alive. She recalls first talking with Bill of his old master Pei Mei, and the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique, then actually learning under Pei Mei. One of the things she learns is how to punch through wood from only 3 inches away, so she does this to escape the coffin. She goes after Budd to find him killed by a Black Mamba set loose in his room by Elle, who is still there. They fight and Beatrix pulls out her other eye after it is revealed that her first one was pulled out by Pei Mei (who was assassinated by Elle later).Finally, Beatrix goes after Bill and finds her daughter. She puts her whole mission on hold to play 'mommy' to her daughter who seems to have grown up fine with Bill as her father. After watching a movie with her and tucking her in, she talks with Bill for a long time and tells him that they have "unfinished business". They barely fight for 5 seconds (in their chairs, with swords) before Beatrix uses the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique on him. He buttons up his jacket and asks, "How do I look?" to which Beatrix replies "You look ready." He stands up, turns, and takes 4 steps. On the 5th he falls to the ground, dead.Later, Beatrix is crying in a bathroom, overcome with many emotions, sobbing "thank you, thank you, thank you". She washes her face and returns to a hotel room to watch Saturday morning cartoons with her child.Beatrix and B.B. presumably live happily ever after.

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Continuity mistake: After the bride has been crying in the bathroom near the end of the film, while BB is watching cartoons, the brides hair is much longer when she cuddles BB on the bed. It was shorter, shoulder length the evening before when she killed Bill and its the same again when she drives away happy with BB.

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Elle Driver: What's that?
Beatrix Kiddo: Budd's Hanzo sword.
Elle Driver: He said he pawned it.
Beatrix Kiddo: Well, then, I guess that makes him a liar, now don't it?

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Trivia: The car Darryl Hannah drives is the same type as Burt Reynolds' Trans-Am from the Smokey and the Bandit films. In fact, she's fairly sure it's the actual one. At one point while shooting she was driving along with QT in the passenger seat when he excitedly yelled "pull off here.", pointing down a dirt track. She fishtailed the car down the road, going at a fair old speed, when she suddenly noticed she was heading straight for a hole. Quentin yelled "jump it. It's just a movie, nothing can happen." Choosing common sense she squealed to a halt just before the hole. QT's comment? "Burt Reynolds would have jumped it".

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Question: What drink was Bill drinking at the end, when Beatrix and he was talking? It was too small for me to make out since I have not seen the bottle myself or recognize some of the writings on it.

Answer: It looks like a bottle of Tres Generaciones AƱejo, a Mexican tequila.

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