Split Second

Factual error: The radio at the beginning of film says that the flood problem will increase with the approaching full moon. Later it is revealed that the killer only kills when there is a new moon. Since he kills that evening, and tides are highest with full and new moons, the radio should have been warning about that evening's tide, not the high tide in 2 weeks time. (00:04:00 - 00:43:30)


Factual error: The forensics report says that Leptospira interrogans is the virus which causes Weil's disease. Leptospira is actually a bacterium. (00:52:20)


Continuity mistake: When Stone, Durkin and the chief policeman are discussing the killer and Stone's arsenal, the cigar box on the desk closes and moves between shots. (00:14:00 - 00:16:20)


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Stone: Did you see him?
Dick Durkin: That wasnae a him, that was a fucking it.

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