Drive (1997)


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Malik Brody: What the hell were you doing while I was getting my ass kicked?
Toby Wong: I was catching up on an episode of "Walter - the Einstein frog."

Malik Brody: Hey man, tell me about China. Is there a lot of Kung Fu shit going on?
Toby Wong: What do you mean?
Malik Brody: Like guys coming up to each other on the street going 'hmm... Your Kung Fu is pretty useless, as well as obsolete. You insult me! You bastard. Prepare to die!'.
Toby Wong: No, not a whole lot.

Malik Brody: Oh He's a fucking cheeseburger.
Carolyn: He works for a living.
Malik Brody: He's a cheeseburger.
Carolyn: A Cheeseburger?
Malik Brody: Yes... A Nasty, fat, coagulating around your heart, not good for you cheeseburger.

Toby Wong: Are you okay?
Malik Brody: Okay? okay? I'm in one piece, motherfucker, but okay's something I ain't been since we met.

Malik Brody: You pulled a whip on me? Are you out of your fucking mind? Let me tell you something - don't you ever pull A whip on A black MAN again.

Malik Brody: I'll be Sonny, you be Cher, Share with me.

Advanced Model: It's time to come home, Toby.

Continuity mistake: In the end fight scene Mark Dacascos snaps a broomstick in half over his knee. You can see it splintered and the tip is light brown in colour. After he does his cool stick attack he pulls back into a stance. Look at both ends of the stick and it is a real kala stick - its ends are smooth and completely black.

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