The Black Hole

Trivia: Because of its violent scenes, this was the first PG-rated Disney movie ever.

Trivia: The name of Dr Reinhardt's ship is Cygnus. The first (theoretical) black hole was discovered in the constellation Cygnus.


Trivia: Originally V.I.N.C.E.N.T. and B.O.B's eyes were going to be computer screens that could display fully animated expressions, however, they failed to work during the first day of shooting and the crew had to make a hasty last-minute adjustment by literally gluing black buttons onto the robot's faces.

Trivia: Sci-Fi writer Harlan Ellison was brought in to work as a consultant for this film, but was fired before he made it through his first day. Allegedly this was due to him spinning a joke about doing (by his own claim) 'a Disney porn film' while having lunch in the cafeteria, going so far as to act out parts of it to his tablemates, completely unaware that there were Disney executives seated at the table behind him.

Trivia: One bizarre bit of proposed merchandise was a record containing the film's soundtrack. The twist was it would be made of clear hollowed-out vinyl, which would be filled with different colored oils that would produce constantly changing patterns as the record spun around on the turntable. Disney was promptly told such a product would be very prone to leaking and the idea was scrapped. Liquid-filled records eventually ended up becoming a reality when vinyl became popular again in 2007.

Trivia: According to Anthony Perkins, none of the cast were permitted to see the final 25 pages of the script. This turned out to be because the screenwriters had no idea how to end the film! The entire ending sequence was thought up on the fly at the last second, and the cast had no idea what it was till they saw the film in theatres.

Visible crew/equipment: Throughout the movie, the cables that help the robots V.I.N.C.E.N.T. and Old Bob fly are visible.

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