War and Peace

War and Peace (1956)


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Natasha Rostov: Nicholas.
Nicholas Rostov: What now?
Natasha Rostov: Is everybody looking at me?
Nicholas Rostov: Well, can't you see for yourself?
Natasha Rostov: Not without changing the expression on my face.
Nicholas Rostov: Natasha, you know, there's one awful thing about you.
Natasha Rostov: Tell it to me! Tell me the whole truth.
Nicholas Rostov: No girl I'll ever meet will ever be able to amuse me as much as you do.
Natasha Rostov: Shh... Don't talk like that.

Prince Andrei Bolkonsky: There must be something you want to do.
Pierre Bezukhov: I want to discover... everything! I want to discover why I know what's right and still do what's wrong. I want to discover what happiness is, and what value there is in suffering. I want to discover why men go to war, and what they really say deep in their hearts when they pray. I want to discover what men and women feel when they say they love.

Natasha Rostov: When I finally say I love you to any man and really mean it, it will be like a defeated general who's lost all his troops, surrendering and handing his sword to the enemy.

Gen. Kutuzov: The only important battle is the last.

Pierre Bezukhov: Each morning I wake up, I'm disgusted with myself with what I did the night before. I tell myself, "Today, a change."

Prince Bolkonsky: You're over thirty! By the time a man's over thirty, life should be sad, meaningless and hopeless.

Natasha Rostov: Did you notice he almost never smiles? While I was singing, I turned around suddenly and caught him looking at me and he was smiling then. And I felt - but it's almost impossible to describe - I felt as if someone had given me the most enormous, beautiful present.

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