Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly (2003)


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Ned Kelly: I've watched gravel fade. Dust settle into crust. I've seen drips of water turn to stone that defied gravity. I've turned blood red with cave mud. I've been a bloody rock.

Julia Cook: I've been riding him pretty hard the last two days.

Joe Byrne: He said what a lucky fellow I am to be with such a beauty as you.
Aaron Sherritt: Too lucky, if you ask me.

Joe Byrne: I'm sure there's no harm in being friendly.

Ned Kelly: They said I'd lost what it meant to be human, maybe never had it in the first place, but wasn't this about protecting the ones I loved? The ones who gave me food, and shelter, even the clothes on me back? And therefore wasn't it now a war?

Ned Kelly: The country belongs to us.
Woman in Crowd: Yeah.
Man in Crowd: That's right.
Ned Kelly: And we'll go wherever we like.

Revealing mistake: Why does the railroad station look so old? It should be almost new at the time of the film.

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