Mona Lisa Smile

Mona Lisa Smile (2003)


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Betty Warren: Miss Watson, can you help me get in touch with that friend of yours in Greenwich Village?
Mrs. Warren: Oh, what do you need in Greenwich Village?
Betty Warren: An apartment. I filed for a divorce this morning. And since we know I'm not welcome in your house. You remember Giselle Levy? What did you call her?"A New York Kike", that's it. Well, we're going to be room mates.

Katherine Watson: Look beyond the paint. Let us try to open our minds to a new idea.

Dr. Edward Staunton: I'm curious about the subject of your dissertation. You suggest 'Picasso will do for the twentieth century what Michael Angelo did for the renaissance"?
Katherine Watson: In terms of influencing movements.
Dr. Edward Staunton: So, these canvases they're turning out these days with paint dripped and splotched on them, they're as worthy of our attention as Michael Angelo's Sistine Chapel?
Katherine Watson: I'm not comparing them.

Katherine Watson: It's brilliant, really. A perfect ruse. A finishing school disguised as a college. Well, they got me.
Bill Dunbar: What do you expect?
Katherine Watson: More! I thought I was headed to a place that would turn out tomorrow's leaders, not their wives.

Connie Baker: Do you swear not to repeat what you see or smell here tonight?
Katherine Watson: Smell?
Connie Baker: Yes, smell. Hands up.

Katherine Watson: I don't think I can go a year without a hot plate.

Betty Warren: Katherine Watson didn't come to Wellesley to fit in. She came because she wanted to make a difference.

Katherine Watson: You can confirm to what other people expect of you, or.
Betty Warren: I know. Be ourselves.

Staunton's Secretary: I was in California once. How do you get any work done with all that sunshine?
Katherine Watson: We tan in class.

Joan Brandwyn: You gave me a C.
Katherine Watson: I'm kind.
Joan Brandwyn: The assignment was to write about Bruegel. That's what I did.
Katherine Watson: No, what you did was copy Strauss.
Joan Brandwyn: I was referencing an expert.
Katherine Watson: If I wanted to know what he thought, I'd buy his book.

Katherine Watson: I can assure all of you this is the place I want to be more than anything.

Factual error: A hard pack of Winston cigarettes is shown, but these were not available in 1953.

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Trivia: In one scene Julia Roberts takes her students to see a painting by Jackson Pollack. Julia's co-star Marcia Gay Harden won her Academy Award playing Pollack's wife in the movie, "Pollack" opposite Ed Harris, who incidentally played Julia's boyfriend/fiance in "Stepmom". (00:45:20)

Sonja Marie

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Question: The lady that plays Julia Stile's mother looks remarkably like Swoozie Kurtz. Any relation?

Answer: I can not find any reference to Joan Brandwyn's mother. I do not remember seeing her. Perhaps you are thinking of Mrs. Warren, Kirsten Dunst's mother in the film. She is played by Donna Mitchell. I have been unable to find a connection between the two.

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