Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Revealing mistake: Aboard the Hogwarts Express, when Harry stands beside the open window and sends Hedwig off with the letter for Sirius, surely his hair and clothes would be wildly moving about, because of the strong wind from the fast moving train.

Revealing mistake: On the train to school, when HRH are in their cabin, among the different angles that are presented during this scene are the shots in which the camera either faces the large cabin window or the aisle window, directly opposite it. It is not what is seen that is the problem, it is what we don't see. When the camera faces the large cabin window we should see the scenic reflection of the window opposite it, as the train speeds along (and vice versa the aisle window), but we don't. What we do see reflected is the light colored wall beneath the blacked out window. The camera filming the shots from this angle is positioned at that window and in order not to see the outline of the camera/crew, the window was covered.

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Revealing mistake: When Dumbledore, Barty Crouch, and the rest are in the Triwizard champions' tent, as Madame Maxime stands behind Fleur with her hands on Fleur's shoulders, in Fleur's close-up it is rather apparent that they are not Madam Maxine's hands.

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Revealing mistake: At the first challenge, just before the Horntail makes its appearance, there is a tight close-up of the egg as Harry stands in the stone "doorway" in the background, on the left. Clearly it is not Daniel Radcliffe, but his stand-in (his face differs and he has a shorter, bowl-type haircut) who is standing there, for this one specific shot.

Revealing mistake: In the graveyard, when Voldemort puts his foot on Cedric's face, Cedric's eyes are staring straight up. As Voldemort pushes, Cedric's eyes do not follow his head's movement, but continue to stare at the point that would have been straight up from his head's original position.

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Revealing mistake: During the Yule Ball there is a shot of Professor Moody sitting on a bench tapping time with the music. One can easily see a green object beneath the bench. It is apparent that a hole was cut in the cushion with his real leg hanging below the bench covered with a green leg and foot sleeve. The large green object is his foot with a red dot on his toe. In post production the actor's real leg and foot is to be removed digitally via green screen-like technology and replaced with a digitized artificial one. The red dots are to help coordinate the movements and position of the artificial leg with the actor's real one. This shot obviously got missed by the postproduction team. If you look closely you can also just make out his knee peeking below the fringe of the bench. (01:18:50)


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Continuity mistake: Straight after the second task Hermione wraps her own white towel round Harry, but between shots it jumps back to her shoulders, then back to Harry's several times. (01:35:05)

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Trivia: There is an actual band in Canada called the Wyrd Sisters who tried to stop the November 18th release of 'Goblet of Fire' in Canada because there is a band of the same name in the movie, but they lost their case.

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Question: If I understand correctly, Lily Potter's "love" protection no longer keeps Harry safe after the graveyard ritual, due to Voldemort getting some of Harry's blood. Why, then, doesn't Voldemort attack Harry at the Dursleys' house in the summer?

Answer: Voldemort's spell undid the Sacrificial Protection that Lily bestowed on Harry, but the Bond of Blood is a separate protection bestowed if the person sacrificing their lives is a relative. THAT spell is still renewed as long as Harry keeps returning to the Dursleys until age seventeen. Voldemort has removed one protection, but a second is still in place.

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