Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Question: This just interests me, but when Harry's name comes out of the Goblet of Fire, and he has to go and join the champions, why is Dumbledore angry with him? There's no way Harry could have submitted his own name because he's not of age yet, and he is not educated enough to over-ride Dumbledore's Age-Line spell or fool the Goblet into accepting him, and there's no way Hermione would have helped him because she's too moral about using magic for the wrong reasons; Dumbledore should know both these things already if he is such an intelligent and knowledgeable wizard.

Answer: Quite simply, the first assumption anyone would have would be that, however the name got in there, it was because Harry wanted to circumvent the restriction. That's why, when Dumbledore comes back to see him a minute later, the first thing he did was grill Harry about how the name got in there. Harry hardly has a flawless record where school rules are concerned, and even Ron assumed he'd done it somehow.

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Question: What is "priori incantatem"? I'm told it's explained in the books - what's the deal?

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Chosen answer: In order to explain "Priori Incantatem" an explanation is first needed for "Priori Incantato." In the book Goblet of Fire, during the Death Eaters' rampage at the World Cup, Voldemort's Dark Mark appears in the sky. Amos Diggory uses the spell "Prior Incantato" to see the last spell that was cast by Harry's wand, which in the book is the wand that created that Dark Mark in the sky. That spell creates an image of the last spell cast by a wand, and it emerges from its tip; this is the "echo" of that original spell, and the echo is different depending on that spell. As for "Priori Incantatem," Harry's and Voldemort's wands share the same core - Fawkes' feathers (Dumbledore's phoenix), and when two wands that share the same core battle each other - as Harry and Voldemort in the cemetery, "Priori Incantatem" takes place. This is a reversal of the last spells cast, and the images of Voldemort's victims of the Avada Kedavra curse appear out of the tip of his wand, which include Cedric, Frank Bryce, Lily and James Potter.

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Question: Does anyone know the translation of what Fleur says in French after the 2nd match to her sister?

Answer: Fleur says "Come, come" whilst her sister is in the water, then says something like "It's finished" when she's leading her sister away.

Answer: She says "come, come" and then "it's over now."

Question: During (I believe) the first stadium scene, the girls from Fleur Delacour's school are doing something looking akin to the Macarena. What are they doing and why?

Answer: They are simply cheering on their schoolmate (Fleur) by performing a chant that is probably specific to their school - just like cheerleaders do at sports games. It's like doing "The Wave."

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Question: What sort of class is going on in the scene where Ron, Harry, and Hermione discuss dates (when Hermione reveals that someone already asked her to the dance)? Other teachers/staff are walking around, in addition to Snape, and the class appears to be larger than those in other scenes.

Answer: It appears to be a study hall or homework time.


Question: When Moody is demonstrating the Cruciatus curse in front of Neville, does he know who Neville is and that it'll cause a reaction? I'm only asking since Moody is Barty Crouch Jr (who tortured Neville's parents) at this point and surely he would have realised that the demonstration could have jeopardised his whole plan by causing conflict amongst the student body, which would have led to him being found out earlier by the teachers.

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Chosen answer: Moody (Crouch) knew who Neville was and who his parents were because he was one of the wizards who tortured Frank and Alice Longbottom into insanity. The demonstration was geared more toward Harry than it was Neville, however, though Moody knew it could affect Neville the way it did. It probably wouldn't create conflict among most students, as most were dismissive and unconcerned about Neville. Most students would probably welcome being taught something they knew went against school policy. Only Hermione was really concerned about Neville.

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Answer: Moody's demonstration was geared at Neville Longbottom. He needed Neville to get upset so that he could invite Neville back to his class for a cup of tea and give him the herbology book that describes gillyweed in it.

Question: I watched the scene where fake Moody takes Harry away from the crowd after Cedric Diggory's death. I noticed that Weasley twins were looking at them when it happened. Is this possible that they informed Dumbledore about it offscreen and this caused him to realise that "Moody" was an imposter?

Answer: It's not specifically known if the twins informed Dumbledore, but it's implied that they probably did, or else they told McGonagall or Snape after Harry was suspiciously absent. No one else appeared to notice Moody leading Harry away.

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Question: Why didn't Harry simply refuse to take part in the Tri-Wizard tournament? Even though his name came out of the goblet, he could have said no.

Answer: No, he had to participate because the goblet of fire forced him into a "magical contract." The goblet itself is probably partially sentient and would punish anyone who didn't participate after being selected by the goblet. How this works exactly is never explained, but the tournament judges were pretty clear that he had no choice but to participate.


What would have happened to Harry if he broke the contract?

Broken magical contracts usually resulted in death; a good deterrent for not breaking them. Keep in mind, however, Harry (in the book at least), like many students, very much wanted to compete in the tournament despite the danger, but initially couldn't because he was underage. He still wanted to compete, despite knowing the selection process was rigged.

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Question: How exactly did Harry and Ron make up after arguing for a while?

Answer: It was somewhat gradual. Ron came to realise that he was being unfair to Harry, but was too proud to make the first move in making up. First he tipped off Harry about the dragons by way of Hermione and several other students. During the celebration in the Gryffindor Common Room, while everyone is celebrating Harry's retrieving the dragon's egg, the squealing noise it makes propels Ron to finally react and talk to Harry.

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Question: In the part where the Death Eaters march through the encampment after the Quidditch world cup match, does anyone know what they are chanting?

Answer: They are chanting something unintelligible. I ran it several times and it's just gibberish they're saying.

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Question: Does anyone know, what is the last word of the quote used on the back of the packaging?


Chosen answer: The quote reads: "Terrific entertainment fueled with endless invention." --Roger Ebert, "Ebert & Roeper"

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Question: Given the Tasks are the main point of the Triwizard Tournament, they're pretty poor spectator sports - one is an hour underwater and another is in a dark maze. So all the overseas students spend most of a year at Hogwarts to watch three short rounds of a competition, two of which happen out of sight?

Answer: This is better understood in the book. The students were not invited there solely to watch the Triwizard Tournament. It was also a year-long educational and cultural experience. Dumbledore revived the tournament in its original form for a specific purpose - his secret goal was to build an international wizarding community to help fight Voldemort, who he was certain would return and spread his evil beyond the U.K. Bringing the Durmstrang and Beauxbaton students to Hogwarts for the school year was intended to build lasting friendships and alliances and for them to work cooperatively. Also, the original competition was never designed to entertain a crowd. It was a dangerous, life-threatening event that tested competitors' courage and abilities under extreme conditions, That is hardly boring and would likely keep spectators engaged long enough to see if the champions survived, even if some events weren't entirely visible.

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Not sure where that is in the books, other than it being a genuinely good strategy, but the original question does seem to have a point - if you're going to collate three communities to watch a very spread-out version of the Olympic Games, why select two games where the action is entirely invisible to the audience other than who eventually emerges from the lake/maze first? It's like staging the Indy 500 when the crowd can only see the podium and not the track.

It is part of the book's overall plot, and, in the movie, Hermione mentions its purpose is about "magical cooperation." I don't recall that Dumbledore personally selected the events. He revived the original TriWizard Tournament, albeit with safety modifications. The real answer, however, is that this is a book/movie. J.K. Rowling crafted the plot to make it exciting and suspenseful and to allow for Voldemort's ultimate plan at the story's end to unfold, hidden from Dumbledore, the Hogwarts staff, and Ministry officials, who, naturally, would intervene. Otherwise, how could Harry be captured, Cedric killed, Harry be part of Voldemort's resurrection, and the climatic duel with the Dark Lord in the graveyard take place? Sometimes facts/reality/logic, etc. are suspended for the sake of the story.

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Question: Why was Hermione being chased by Ginny in the tent? Hermione isn't the kind of person who'd do a harmless thing and make someone chase them for a joke.


Answer: Hermione is a 14 year old girl, having fun with a close friend. Of course they will horse around and tease and play. Hermione might be serious as a student and quite mature for her age, but she also knows how to have fun.


She is almost a year older than Harry, so that explains the maturity.

Answer: If you're referring to the tent scene at the Quidditch World Cup, I don't remember Ginny chasing Hermione, but the twins, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Harry are in high spirits after their favored team has won. All are jumping around, laughing and singing in celebration. If that's not the scene you're referring to, can you be more specific?

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Ginny was chasing Hermione when Fred and George said "feet off the table"

I watched the clip on YouTube. Ginny and Hermione are excited after the group arrive inside their rented tent. The girls rush into where they will be sharing a room and drop off their gear. They then rush over to the other side of the tent, probably to where the kitchen is. Hermione is just running ahead of Ginny and is not being chased.

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Question: When Harry is packing his trunk at the end and Dumbledore is talking to him about setting the curtains on fire, does anyone know what is written on the inside of the lid of Harry's trunk?

Answer: It's hard to say what was written on the inside of the trunk. Sometimes they write the company that made the trunk so it might have had the manufacturer's name inside of it and maybe even the year that it was made as well. It seems like everyone at the school has very similar trunks so it may have his name written inside of it so as not to confuse it with anyone else's.

Answer: It looks like information for Harry's trunk in case it was ever found by someone. Probably had his phone number and address inside of it.

You wouldn't put that information on the inside.


You would if you didn't want to display your personal information everywhere but also expected that if your trunk was lost, the finder would open it to see whose it was. Yes it is more practical to have an ID tag or similar in modern luggage but the Harry Potter stories are deliberately written as quaint and old fashioned.

You don't open luggage you find. Name of the owner is always on the outside.


Question: How did Peter Pettigrew find Voldemort? Where has Voldemort been since Harry met him in the first movie? Harry only met a memory version of him in the second movie, and didn't see him at all in the third.

Answer: When Pettigrew escaped in the third movie he learned from other rats that in the forest of Albania there was a fearsome place where a shadowy creature took over and killed animals. He knew this was Voldemort and headed into the forest to join him. That is where Voldemort has been hiding out this whole time trying to stay as strong as he can.

Question: If Mad Eye Moody was really Barty Crouch Jr. using the polyjuice potion as a disguise, why was he being so nice to Harry at the beginning of the book? For example, when he was showing the class how a certain spells affect people, why was he so happy when Harry fought the spell? Also, when Malfoy almost cast a spell on Harry, why did he get mad at Malfoy?

Answer: People have to believe that he's who he's pretending to be - Moody's the sort of person who would approve of Harry's attitude to things, so Crouch must do likewise. He also has to teach in a way that Moody would - very hands-on, showing approval to good students. Moody would also hate the underhanded tactics used by Malfoy, hence Crouch's defence of Harry. He has to make Harry (and everyone else) believe that he's on his side, that he's one of the good guys - if anyone got suspicious, it would be a threat to the plan, which requires Harry to survive through to win the Tournament. As such, up to that point, he'll protect Harry to the best of his ability.

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Question: After the second challenge, Harry is upset about coming in last. Hermione says "Next to last, Fleur never made it past the gryndylows." She says 'the gryndylows" in a French accent like Fleur's. Why?

Answer: She was mocking Fleur, who was considered snobby and unpopular with Hogwarts students.

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Question: In the graveyard scene, I'm absolutely sure that Wormtail cast the Avada Kedavra spell on Cedric, but why is everybody saying that Voldemort killed Cedric then?


Chosen answer: You're right. Wormtail did kill Cedric on Voldemort's orders. At that point, Voldemort did not yet have his body back and was unable to kill Cedric himself. Some of the confusion may come from the fact the Wormtail used Voldemort's wand to kill Cedric, which is why his ghost comes out of the wand during the fight with Harry.


Why was Voldemort unable to kill Cedric? He could kill the muggle caretaker at the beginning of the movie himself, wasn't he? He didn't have his body then.

Question: Does anyone know what song Harry, Fred, George and Ginny were singing to Ron about Viktor Krum at the Quidditch World Cup and where I can find it to listen to? Thanks.

Answer: The song is not included on the soundtrack. It sounds like they are making up words to the tune of My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean. You wont be able to find it anywhere.


Question: A while after the Yule ball scene, after Harry wakes up from a nightmare, Neville comes in. He says something like "I got in! Me!" What is he talking about? What did he get into?

Answer: What Neville means is that he's only just got back in from being at the Ball, despite it being extremely late at night. The "Me!" simply reflects that fact that even Neville is aware that of everyone in the dormitory, he is unquestionably the one you'd least expect to be the last one back. Exactly what Neville has been up to is an open question, but he certainly seems excited about it. Alternatively, since Neville has a reputation for forgetting the password to the Gryffindor common room, "I got in! Me!" probably means that he is marveling at the fact that he remembered the password and actually got in to the common room and dormitories without any help.

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Straight after the second task Hermione wraps her own white towel round Harry, but between shots it jumps back to her shoulders, then back to Harry's several times. (01:35:05)

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Harry Potter: What's with the flower? Hagrid... Did you comb your hair?
Hagrid: You might want to try the same thing yourself now and again.

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Trivia: Mike Newell decided against the original idea of separating the 734-page book into two films released several months apart, figuring he could still make it into a workable film by cutting some of the bulkier subplots.

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