Looney Tunes: Back in Action

Revealing mistake: When the Chairman is watching the TV screen where Damien Drake is being interrogated, the man steps in front of the screen and says "he's about to crack," then he walks backwards as if being pulled, but you can tell the moment Damien puts his legs around him, after several steps. So what pulled him back?

Revealing mistake: In Africa, DJ and his group ride with Tweety and Sylvester an obviously Indian elephant (much smaller than the African one).

Revealing mistake: In the scene where the ACME Chairman turns on the screen to show Damien Drake tied up, you can see he has no remote in his hands and is just miming the action.

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Continuity mistake: When Yosemite Sam is chasing everyone through Las Vegas he drives the race car through a souvenir stand. This puts a large dent in the front hood of the car. This dent disappears when the car is shown next.

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Daffy Duck: What a fantastic view!
Bugs Bunny: Unless you're in the audience, in which case, you've been staring at an elephant's behind for thirty seconds.

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Trivia: In the casino, while D.J. is fighting with Yosemite Sam's goons, Daffy tells him to "bite his ear." This is a reference to boxer Mike Tyson, who bit off a portion of Evander Holyfield's ear during a match.

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Question: What is the meaning of the sign that Bugs pulls out after he's been told about Area 52 (the sign with the ball and the screw)?

Answer: It is the cartoon indication of implying someone is a screwball; i.e., a nutcase, or in some other way crazy or out of their mind.

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