Brother Bear

Corrected entry: When Kenai is at the salmon run, and is about to go after the big fish, (the part where the salmon and bears charge toward each other) Kenai stands in shallow water and the other bears run through it as well. However, a split second later, he and the other bears dive under, and the water is very deep with no shallows in sight.

Susan Kirk

Correction: Not quite true. Kenai stands on a rock in the water when he appears to be in a shallow end. When he dives under you can see that he dives from the rock into a deeper part. The rock can be seen in the corner of the screen while he is underwater.

Corrected entry: In the salmon run scene, Keni's fur changes from a golden color to a dark brown color.

Correction: That is becasue he get's wet. When an animal is wet, it's fur typically looks darker.

Corrected entry: During the "Great Spirits" song, you can see Kenai burst through some people catching Salmon, and a Clown fish is visible in their net, but you won't find Clown fish up a North American river.(Nice reference to the Clown fish in Finding Nemo, but still a mistake.)

Correction: Disney have a tradition of letting their characters make cameo appearences in other films. Nemo's cameo here is not a mistake. This would be better placed as trivia.

Corrected entry: On the cover of the DVD, Kenai's fur is brown. In the movie, his fur is a golden color.

Correction: DVD covers are not movies.

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Corrected entry: In the ice cave, how did the rope around Kenai's ankle get tied to the rock? It couldn't have tied itself around the rock.

Correction: Anyone who knows bears know that they have a tendancy to sleep in caves. A hunter could have known this and set the trap.

There's no time for any trap to be laid between scenes. The original question refers to the rope dragging behind Kenai as he walks away from Koda right after saying "see ya kid." We then see the rope has somehow wrapped around the rock. It's simply a continuity error.

Corrected entry: When they get to the mountain where the lights touch the earth, it is starting to snow. One split second later the whole landscape is already covered in snow.

Correction: The ground is covered in snow when we see Koda running through the forest. We don't know how long Koda had been running, and he could have been running for minutes, or even hours.

Susan Kirk

Corrected entry: In the beginning, Kenai is riding on a mammoth. The size of the mammoth is way too small compared to Kenai and the other mammoths in the film. It's definitely an adult, as its tusks are too large to be a youngster.

Correction: It most likely was a youngster because although its tusks were large, they were quite small compared to those of the other mammoths in the film.

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Corrected entry: When Kenai is dangling from a tree by the rope, Koda talks about how he used to climb trees. Grizzly bears don't climb trees, only black bears do.

Susan Kirk

Correction: All grizzly cubs (up to 1 year) can climb trees, and many adult grizzlies can too.


Corrected entry: There are three main mistakes in the behavior of the bears. 1- when we look through Kenai's eyes after he becomes a bear the colors are bright and everything is easy to see. In reality bears have very poor vision. 2- Kenai and Koda travel mostly during the day but bears tend to travel more at night. 3- the salmon run, while enjoyable, was inaccurate, while a few bears may have fishing grounds close to each other you don't see such large groups in one place.

Correction: Since Kenai is not entirley a bear (he was magically transformed into one) he may have better vision than a normal bear.

Corrected entry: During the lava scene, Denahi breaks his spear while trying to catch Kenai, but during the fight on top of the mountain where the lights touch the Earth, his spear is intact with no sign of damage.

Correction: Denahi would most likely have just mounted the spearhead on a new shaft.

Corrected entry: Soon after Kenai has told Koda the story of how he killed Koda's mother, Koda runs away into the forest. Rutt and Tuke then walk up, but Rutt is missing his left horn for that entire scene, when it is fine before and afterwards.

Correction: Rutt is missing his left antler because of the accident with the mammoth, and no, it's not there afterwards, unless it's in the short clips during the credits, which were from before the mammoth accident.

Correction: Yes that is true in Brother Bear 2 he has his antler back.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning and end of the film, there is a narration who the subtitles label as Sitka, but at the very beginning, we see that the narrator is actually Denahi.

Susan Kirk
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Tug: Hey, don't throw your fish bones over here! Someone could choke on that.

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Trivia: During the film's opening number, pay attention to the shot when Kenai is riding the back of the mammoth, busting through the fishing net that his brothers are holding. If you look very closely, you'll see Nemo, from Finding Nemo, right there along the flying salmon. He's only in three short frames, so it helps if you pause the DVD and go frame by frame. (00:04:45)

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