Carry On Matron

Trivia: The plot of the medical drama that Charles Hawtrey and Hattie Jacques settle down to watch is taken directly from the film "Green for Danger", which gave Jacques her first talking role.

Trivia: The role of Freddy (portrayed by Bill Maynard) was originally intended for Carry On regular Peter Butterworth.

Trivia: When Cyril Carter is in Dr Prodd's room, there are trophies on the wall. The 'trophies' include character publicity stills of Fenella Fielding in "Carry On Screaming" and Shakira Caine from "Carry On Again Doctor."

Trivia: For his cameo appearance in the film, Jack Douglas was sent a crate of twelve bottles of Dom Perignon champagne by producer Peter Rogers.

Trivia: When Sir Bernard is in his study, he reads "The Psychology of Jealousy". If you look, you can see the author is Ernest Steward, director of photography for this film.

Continuity mistake: When Mr Bernard pulls Miss Banks' dress he throws it behind her. When she runs to her office she is holding the dress in her hand.

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