Carry On Matron

Carry On Matron (1972)

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Continuity mistake: When Mr Bernard pulls Miss Banks' dress he throws it behind her. When she runs to her office she is holding the dress in her hand.

Audio problem: When the new student nurse arrives and Arthur says, "Over to the desk girls", his mouth is not moving.

Continuity mistake: When Dr Zhivago (Sid Carter) kisses Matron's hand after she told him the directions to the delivery room, Matron is initially standing in the corridor, but in the next shot she is standing by the wall.

Continuity mistake: Mrs. Tidy and the lady in front of her are in Bunn ward. But when matron is telling Nurse Ball to take Nurse Carter to bed, if you look on the left, the lady who was in front of Mrs. Tidy is in Oven ward.

Audio problem: When Cyril says "I'm coming!" to Dr Prodd whilst travelling in the ambulance, the words do not match his lips.

Continuity mistake: When Matron tells Mrs Tidey that her husband is getting very impatient while she is eating her lunch, Matron puts her hand on a lid on the tray, but when we see Mrs Tidey eating in the next shot, there is no hand on the lid.

Continuity mistake: When Cyril walks out of the bedroom with his nurse's outfit on, there is a sign on the wall saying "You may telephone from here." In the long shot, the sign is totally uncovered, but in a close-up, part of the sign is obscured by the slot machine.

Audio problem: When Matron says "Give it to me" to Freddy after Sid and his gang have been captured at the end of the film, her lips aren't moving.

Continuity mistake: When Mr Tidey is squashed by the door by Sid Carter and his gang during the chase sequence towards the end of the film, Mr Tidey's flag is initially pointing down but in the next shot it is pointing up.

Continuity mistake: When Sid Carter proves that Nurse Carter was really his son to Sir Bernard and Matron, Sid takes the wig off Cyril's head twice.

Continuity mistake: When Matron tells Mr Tidey there is nothing more they can do for his wife, Mr Tidey initially has his flag under his arm, but in the next shot he has the flag in his hand.

Continuity mistake: When Dr Goode tells Sir Bernard about a man turning into one-way street during their conversation in his office, you can see Dr Goode is resting his hands on the desk, but in the next shot he has his hands clasped together.

Continuity mistake: When Matron asks Arthur if he's seen any suspicious men about, Arthur gets up from his seat twice.

Continuity mistake: When Matron enters Dr Prodd's office and goes to his desk, the way Dr Prodd holds his pen changes between shots.

Continuity mistake: When Mr Tidey goes back into the waiting room after being run over by the pursuing patients, he sits on his chair and you can see he is holding his flag with his left hand. But when Sister comes in to tell him the news of his son's birth, the flag is now between his legs.

Continuity mistake: When Cyril says "Come on Dad, hurry up!" whilst waiting outside the store room, he is initially standing by the door, but in the next shot he is now standing in the doorway.

Continuity mistake: When Sid James interrupts the student nurse in her bath, the nurse is holding a Loofah sponge which she puts next to her chest. In the next shot, the sponge has disappeared, and in the shot after that, it is back again.

Continuity mistake: When Sid is discussing the plan with Ernie and Freddy, Ernie has his hand around the mug on the table, but in the next shot he has his hands clasped together and the mug is now next to them.

Mr. Tidey: Well, what's happened?
Matron: I'm afraid it was another false alarm, Mr Tidey. You may as well go back to work.
Mr. Tidey: Go back to work? It was due three weeks ago.
Mr. Tidey: Well I'm sorry but babies tend to arrive when they feel like it. There's nothing we can do about it.
Mr. Tidey: That's a fine state of affairs, innit eh? We'd soon be in a right old mess if we ran the railways like that.
Matron: I was under the impression that you did.

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Trivia: For his cameo appearance in the film, Jack Douglas was sent a crate of twelve bottles of Dom Perignon champagne by producer Peter Rogers.

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