Radio (2003)

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Coach Jones decides to quit being head football coach in order to concentrate on being with his family more. Radio is given a special award at graduation that year. Before the credits, we learn that the real life Radio is presently in 11th grade in his 50s at Hanna High and is the assistant coach for the football team and the real Coach Jones was inducted into the coaching hall of fame. During the credits, we see the real Radio working with the team and cheering exactly as he did in the movie.


Factual error: About fifteen minutes into the film, Ed Harris is in his home watching film from the previous game. In the background, but purposely featured to make comparisons between Harris' character and former Alabama coach Paul "Bear" Bryant, is a commemorative Bear Bryant Coca-Cola bottle. The bottle commemorates the Bear's then-record 315th career victory as a head coach - a feat accomplished in 1981, five years AFTER the movie's 1976 setting.

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Linda: It's never a mistake to care for someone. That's always a good thing.

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Question: In the trailer for Radio (, at the 1:23 point, some very distinctive music begins. This same music was used in one of the trailers for Forrest Gump. Is there a connection between the two?

Jeff Swanson

Chosen answer: Probably not. Many trailers re-use distinctive music from older trailers they are not related to.


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