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Corrected entry: When the football referee is penalizing the coach for multiple infractions, he does not throw his flag until the last penalty he calls. He would have thrown his flag for the first one, and his hat for the subsequent penalty.

Correction: After the legally blocked pass (the reason Coach Jones was hot), the first flag is seen flying from the right side of the screen. For the second call, the ref is seen grabbing the flag from his belt (the flag is visible); then the camera cuts to a close-up when the flag is thrown, so it is not seen flying. The third flag is not seen thrown but is flying when the camera immediately cuts to a distant shot.

Corrected entry: Forty minutes into the movie, the football team is boarding a school bus for an away game. It's pouring rain, but there are tree shadows everywhere, on top of the bus and on the ground.

Correction: It's possible for the sun to be out while it's raining. In fact, that's how rainbows are formed.

Corrected entry: Radio is listening to the away game in the rain on the radio, the sports announcer states that the 4 and 4 Yellow Jackets must win their last two games in order to remain in the playoff bid. The Yellow Jackets loose that game which would make them 4 and 5. At the last game of the 10 game season, it is stated that the Yellow Jackets are 5 and 5 which would indicate that the game they played against their rivals would have been their 11th game, which they won, and would make their season record 6 and 5.

Correction: They only played one game after that. They didn't play and win twice. They played one more and one once.

Factual error: At the beginning of the movie when all the guys are in the barber shop, a man is wearing a John Deere hat with the modern logo, not the one from 1976.

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Linda: It's never a mistake to care for someone. That's always a good thing.

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Question: Why were John and some of the other football players jealous of Radio? Why did they hate him in the first place?

Answer: The players (and their fathers) were jealous of Radio because Coach Jones began spending a lot of time with him. The players believed Coach Jones was neglecting them. The players immediately disliked Radio from the start for two reasons: his refusal to return the lost ball in the beginning irritated them and his mental disability was a source of ridicule.


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