Scary Movie 3

It starts off with the spoofing of the ring. Cindy watches the video and is told by a following phone call that she is going to die in seven days.She is worried because she has to take care of her nephew who's mom died. Cindy tells her friend, also her nephew's teacher to come over because she is scared and ends up dying. Then Cindy's nephew watches the tape while she is gone. Then the alien's come , but only want to make peace. While they are in the basement, they meet up with the girl from the ring again.

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Cindy: Something weird is going on at your farm. I know it.
George: I don't know what you're talking about. Sometimes a sheep just needs to be pushed through the fence.

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Trivia: When Cindy and the rapper guy are fighting the Ring girl, the president walks in and says, "I just want to wish you both good luck. We're all counting on you." and then he walks out. This is a joke from "Airplane" where Leslie Nielsen is the doctor. He says the same line. The reason it is in the movie Scary Movie 3 is because the director of Airplane also directed this.

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Question: There is something I have always wondered about spoofs: Do they actually get permission from the makers of the films they spoof?

Answer: Nope. Parodies aren't usually covered by copyright laws as they are generally considered to be as example of fair usage, provided that it can be demonstrated that the copyrighted material was used in a manner that is considered to be a commentary, ridicule or criticism of that material.

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