Runaway Jury

Celeste Wood builds a case against a gun company who illegaly sold a gun to the man who killed her husband. When the jury is being picked, a man named Rankin Fitch is hired to pick twelve jurors who will give a verdict in favour of the gun company. In a way, Fitch is an evil Sherlock Holmes. He can read people by looking at them. When Nick Easter is chosen as one of the jurors, he conspires with his girlfriend, Marlee. She tries to play both the lawyer defending the widow, Wendall Rohr, and Fitchby telling them to pay her ten million dollars to "buy their verdict". Fitch tries to stay one step ahead of her, but Nick and Marlee are always two steps ahead.

Sydney Lee

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Marlee: Anybody can be gotten to.

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Trivia: In the bathroom scene, Rohr tells Fitch "Nice shoes. Big Tobacco?" - it's a reference to the "Runaway Jury" book, where the Big Tobacco was 4 major tobacco companies, who were the defendant.

Grigory the Wanderer

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Question: Rachel Weiss's mom said that one daughter was dead and she hasn't spoken to her other daughter in so long, it's like she's dead too. Why didn't she keep in touch with her mom? Was that part in the book and cut out of the movie?

fan before the site

Chosen answer: Remember, in the book, the lawsuit is against tobacco companies and not gun manufacturers. In the book, Marlee's mother died of smoking-related lung cancer, thus the motivation for revenge against the tobacco companies. In the movie, the reason to avoid Mom is to maintain the stealth of Marlee and Nick's movements as they tried to "fix" a jury.


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