Runaway Jury

Other mistake: During the jury selection montage the judge says 'Enter Lydia Deets as a juror.' Moments later, her profile is shown on screen and the lawyers accept her and the judge says 'Enter Miss Deets as a juror.' she has been entered into the list twice.

Other mistake: Rankin Fitch and his associates are viewing the "Pledge Of Allegiance" scene, and Fitch tells Mr. Lamb "freeze it there" when Loreen Duke is patting Nick Easter on the hand. That camera shot should not exist. Where was the camera for that shot? None of Fitch's goons put a camera up where the Judge's bench would be, so where did that view of the jury come from? That is the only time Fitch et al view the jury from that angle.

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Suggested correction: You are wrong, it's not a mistake.the whole movie it's presumed they have hidden cameras on the ceiling and these cameras can zoom in.


Other mistake: When Marley calls Finch after her fight in the apartment, Finch slams the phone down 3 times. The plug for the handset flies up, but the cord was never tight enough to get pulled from the phone.

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Rankin Fitch: Gentlemen, trials are too important to be left up to juries.

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Trivia: In the bathroom scene, Rohr tells Fitch "Nice shoes. Big Tobacco?" - it's a reference to the "Runaway Jury" book, where the Big Tobacco was 4 major tobacco companies, who were the defendant.

Grigory the Wanderer

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Question: I know that Jennifer Beals is not exactly a big star right now, but I was still surprised to see her in such a tiny role...does anyone know if she originally had a bigger scene that was cut?

Answer: Jennifer Beals' role is a bit of a misdirection towards the viewer, a little like Janet Leigh in "Psycho". It misleads the viewer into beleiving she might be crucial to the plot.

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