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I watched this movie on Netflix.

There are several Tarantino still on my list that I need to see. And I finally knocked off the Kill Bill films from that list.

While not as great as some of his other films, like say Inglorious Bastards, this film is still a lot of fun and good. Though you can already really see Tarantino's foot fetish getting into his movies here.
A story of revenge, from a strong woman with a lot of will power to avenge the death of her fiance and unborn child at the hands of her former lover and boss, Bill.
The movie was too long at first, and Tarantino was forced to split it into a Part 1 and Part 2.
As of such, the first part suffers a little from that with how it is an incomplete story that doesn't meet a resolution to stand on it's own as a single film. You're really meant to watch them back to back, but it's still good as is! It's hard to hold that against a movie in a case like this.

It is a solid action film with some great acting and high stakes.

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Quantom X Premium member

9.7/10. One of Uma Thurman's best movies of the 2000's. She plays The Bride well alongside a great cast consisting of David Carradine, Vivica Fox, and Lucy Liu. The whole thing is a tribute to spaghetti westerns, foreign revenge movies, and martial arts too. One of the best scenes is the blood soaked fight between her and The Crazy 88's, well done choreography here. I would definitely recommend it for only hardcore fans of such movies, nobody under 18 or faint of heart. Uma Thurman's great here.


Revealing mistake: When Gogo is fighting the bride, misses and hits herself with the mace, as she falls backwards onto the table, you can see the stunt double's hairy legs. (01:16:10)

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Question: In the scene where The Bride is trying to get Hattari Hanzo to make her a sword she mentions a "former" pupil and he changes his mind, writing on the window Bill. What did Bill do to upset Hattari Hanzo?

Answer: Bill used Hattari Hanzo's teachings for evil, instead of belief and self defense.

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