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Corrected entry: In Vernita's kitchen, the box of Kaboom cereal is not only a foreshadowing of the ensuing action but a Tarantino in-joke. This made-up product also appeared in Pulp Fiction. (00:12:55)

Correction: Kaboom Cereal is not a made up product (check out Also, it never makes an appearance in Pulp Fiction.

Corrected entry: The scene where Uma Thurman (Audio) introduces Sophie Fatal as being on O-Ren's right side in the video, she is actually on O-Ren's left side, and the audience's right side.

Correction: She said it from her point of view, so Sophie was actually on O-Ren's right side.

Corrected entry: When O-Ren sees her young body guard killed, she stabs the short dagger belonging to the young girl into the hand rail of the banister of the catwalk. Uma Thurman begins fighting another guy and they end up on the banister and they fight for a while before she finally gets rid of him. There is no knife shown in the rail the entire fight, but when she tells the Crazy 88's to leave the knife is magically in front of her.

Correction: If you look closely, you will see that the sword actually is there for a couple of seconds. 'The Bride' and Johny-Mo are on the left and the sword is on the extreme right of the screen. The camera is also lower than the banister that they are fighting on.

Corrected entry: Why doesn't the Bride bring her sword with her to Vernita Green's house? She already has it at the time, and it certainly would have made things easier for her.

Correction: Vernita Green displayed little interest in Eastern culture. The other four "villains" were well trained in swordplay, so perhaps the Bride is being fair in the way that she kills Green (using only what Green can use too). Vernita didn't own a sword as far as we know. I think that fact was very intentional on the filmmakers' parts.

Corrected entry: If O-Ren can hear so well that she senses the Bride crouched outside the door, throws a dart at her, and sends GoGo to check, how come she can't hear the Bride jump down from her hiding place in the ceiling after GoGo returns? (01:09:25 - 01:10:30)

Correction: The camera never shows how Uma crept in front of the door...she may have made noise that wasn't shown on camera.

Corrected entry: Whenever The Bride is laying in Buck's truck, watch her feet closely. During a whole body shot, her feet move, yet on a lone shot of her feet, they're still.

Correction: It is obvious Uma is not paralyzed because she recovers later. As mentioned by the doctor rapist, she does have spasms, no different for her legs than her spitting.

Corrected entry: Uma is in the back of the truck trying to wiggle her big toe. It cuts to 13 hours later, and there's a shot at ground level of her stepping out. There is something dripping from the rear of the truck. The truck is parked in a covered garage, and after 13 hours, any water from driving outside should be dry. If it was a gas tank or something else leaking, the puddle should be a lot bigger when it goes to a top view of the truck pulling away. Can't be the AC as the engine wasn't on.

Correction: That was probably left-over water condensed inside the exhaust (which is obviously aftermarket.) This is common for aftermarket exhaust systems, and sometimes they trap water inside the piping, and over time, may drop out of the is not constant so it can happen anytime, so you can't say there had to be a puddle.

Corrected entry: Whenever O-Ren's mother is killed, we see the bottom of the bed with the sword protruding from it. After a few seconds, the blood starts to bleed through the fabric but appears in random places. This should not happen if there is only one wound.

Correction: The mattress acts like a sponge, it soaks up as much blood to capacity in that one area, then, gravity pulls the blood through the mattress and causes it to drip onto the floor. If you soak a bed with water in just one place, it will drip from different places on the underside of the bed, not from one exact spot.

Corrected entry: When "The Bride" has just killed Vernita Green, she leaves the house and we see the "Pussy Wagon's" passenger window from the view of the front door. When 'The Bride' enters the car, we see through the driver's window, the house's front door. Between shots of "The Bride" leaving the house and entering the car, the vehicle has completely changed the direction it's facing.

Correction: The front door you see through the driver's window as The Bride enters the car is NOT Vernita Green's house. That's the house across the street. The Pussy Wagon did NOT change direction.

Corrected entry: In the anime scene where we see O-Ren as a twenty-year-old top-assassin murdering her victim from the roof, first she has no nail polish on, then in the next shot her nails are red.

Correction: This is symbolic that she had successfully killed her target.

Corrected entry: When Uma Thurman is talking about O-ren Ishii and first introducing her gang at the dinner explaining how a half Japanese/Chinese American could become a Yakuza leader, she introduces Sofie Fatale as "the woman sitting to O-ren's right is..." while in fact Sofie is sitting on O-ren's left and our right.

Correction: The bride is talking to us, the people watching the film, so she says Sofie is on O-ren's right for this reason, although in fact she is sitting on the left side.

Correction: Zed is not killed quickly. He is supposed to be tortured, with a blow torch and a pair of pliers (according to Marsellus Wallace). Butch uses Zed's motorbike, but Zed is not his victim, since Butch only killed Zed's buddy, and left Zed for his destiny.

Corrected entry: When the swordmaker has agreed to make a sword for Uma Thurman, he says something before going downstairs and the subtitles read "I suggest you spend it practicing". It should be "practising" - it's a verb when spelt with an S, and a noun when spelt with a C (like advice/advise).

Jon Sandys Premium member

Correction: Not in American usage, only British.

Carl Fink

Corrected entry: 13 hours that Black Mamba spent in the truck trying to get her legs out of entropy was surely enough time for someone to find the bodies and subsequently for police to comb the place and find her in the truck.

Correction: We're not sure exactly when The Bride kills the trucker and Buck, besides it happened at night. Buck does mention that the nurses don't come to check on her until the morning. So, theoretically, if the Bride killed the two at 7:00 PM, she would have gotten enough time to get away.

Corrected entry: When The Bride is fighting O-ren at the end, outside, in winter, in the snow, next to the frozen pond, it's cold right? So how come you can't see their breath? There are close ups of their faces breathing heavily, but no clouds. Is it perchance because it's shot in a nice warm studio? I think so.

Correction: The Snow Garden doesn't contain real snow, it's a decorative room, not an actual outdoor garden. Had it been actually snowing, the rest of Tokyo would be covered. (Though there are shots with snow on the ground, It had not snowed enough to make that kind of ground cover between The Bride's motorbike trip to the House of Blue Leaves, and her trip to the Hospital with Sophie.)

Corrected entry: During the fight sequence in the restaurant, Uma's shoes change colour from yellow, to white, to yellow again. Keep an eye on her feet, it's more obvious in some places than others.

Correction: The shoes themselves aren't changing color. It is simply that the bottom of the yellow shoes are, in fact, white.

Corrected entry: When the bride is writing out her list on the plane, we see her from her right and her sword is shown in the seat opposite. As soon as the shot changes to show the list the sword has moved to her left, between the seat and the window.

Correction: The first shot establishes that there are two swords on the plane. The sword on her right (on the opposite side of the airplane) presumably belongs to someone else as in the same shot, one can see her sword on her left. In this universe, it may be common for assumed Yakuza members to carry their katanas aboard.

Corrected entry: The Bride proves to O-Ren that her sword is a true Hattori Hanzo by showing the insignia by the handle. However, in an earlier scene where The Bride chooses her initial sword, there is no insignia on either side of the blade.

Correction: The swords on the wall were said to be show pieces. Whereas they are undoubtedly well made, they are made for looks, not war. A combat blade would have the insignia.

Corrected entry: She is in a coma for 4 years and those kind nurses plucked her eyebrows and streaked her hair for her, as well as taking good care of her nails.

Correction: Firstly, I'm sure that when people are in comas the nurses do take care of them instead of just leaving them and waiting for them to wake up. Secondly, Buck has a special reason for wanting the Bride to look nice so he probably does take a bit of extra care.


Corrected entry: Sophie lays on the ground bleeding for quite some time, yet she never applies pressure to the wound, and she never tries bandaging it. She seems to spurt quite a lot of blood when her arm is first chopped off. Additionally she was interrogated by "The Bride" afterwards, surely she would have bled to death.

Sol Parker

Correction: As the movie is basically an homage to, among other things, 1970's martial arts films, this was done on purpose. For example, throughout the movie we see more blood spurting out of people's wounds than the human body even contains. It was an intentional exaggeration.

Continuity mistake: When The Bride gets into the Pussy Wagon and tries to move her toes, the shot changes between one taken from her head and one taken from her feet. The one taken from her head shows her two feet touching one another and resting against the closed door. The one taken from her feet (which would have necessitated the door being open) shows her two feet not resting on anything and slightly apart from one another.


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Vernita Green: I fucked you up. I fucked you up bad, I wish to God that I hadn't, but I did. Be that as it may, I know I don't deserve your mercy or forgiveness, however, I beseech you for both on behalf of my daughter.
The Bride: Bitch, you can stop right there. Just because I have no intention of killing you before the eyes of your daughter does not mean that parading her around in front of me is gonna inspire sympathy. You and I have unfinished business, and not a goddam fuckin thing you've done in the subsequent four years, including getting knocked up, is gonna change that.

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Question: In the House of Blue Leaves, why does the lady manager switch off the lights during the fight between the Bride and the Crazy 88?

Answer: From what I understand the reason for the lights being off is the same reason for why the previous scene was done in black and white; to decrease the amount of 'graphic violence' in the movie in an attempt to keep an 'R' rating. I would assume that they had him shut off the lights for that scene as just another method to accomplish that task.

I believe the original question was asking why was it done within the context of the film (i.e. why did the character shut off the lights) not why was it done in reality. My best guess is that the manager switched off the lights thinking the 88 had a better chance of killing the bride if she couldn't see. True, they couldn't see either but there were so many of them one could possibly have gotten to her.

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