Fluke (1995)

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After almost killing Jeff, Fluke has one more flashback to his previous life which reveals that Jeff was his friend, not his killer. Fluke saves Jeff and then his own son, who was dying of the cold on his father's grave. When Carol arrives, Fluke makes one last attempt to tell her who he really is, by showing her the writing on his grave. He then leaves them forever, but is reunited with his old friend Rumbo, who has since been reincarnated as a squirrel.

Continuity mistake: Young Brian plays with his Star Trek figures on the carpet. When Fluke comes in, between shots the position of the other figures on the carpet has changed.

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Rumbo: Hey. Hey! What's going on?
Young Fluke: I guess I was dreaming.
Rumbo: You were what?
Young Fluke: Uh, dreaming. I was seeing pictures inside my head.
Rumbo: Pictures ain't got no business being inside your head. Next time you just growl and chase 'em away.
Young Fluke: Rumbo, have you always been a dog?
Rumbo: What you talkin' about? What else could I have been?
Young Fluke: I don't know. A human.
Rumbo: A two-legger? Me?

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Trivia: The two main dogs are played by Comet (from Full House) and Barney (from Homeward Bound).

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