School of Rock

Trivia: Miranda Cosgrove, who plays Summer Hathaway, actually has a good voice and plays guitar. She had to take a 45-minute class to learn how to sing badly for the scene where she sang "Memories."

Trivia: All of the children are competent musicians, and they are all playing their own instruments.

Trivia: During ending credits, when the band is playing, the actors were all wearing their own clothes. The bass player (Katie) actually had a solo as well, but the editors cut it out.

Trivia: The final sequence during the credits was all unscripted. Both the dialog and music solos were improvised.

Trivia: In the picture that Dewey shows Ned of their old band, we see Black and White in the picture with another in the back. The third man in the back is the director of the film, Richard Linklater.

T Poston

Trivia: In the second cafeteria scene, the blonde girl seen sitting at a lunch table behind the teachers lunch table is Freddy Jones' (played by Kevin Alexander Clark) sister in real life.

Trivia: Gibson, one of the most expensive guitar brands in the world, donated ten standard SGs (the red guitars that are seen throughout the film, and the one Dewey is playing on the poster) to the film. Jack Black (Dewey) now owns six of them, because he "got there first."

Trivia: At the beginning of the movie, when the band fires Dewey Finn, he says something like, "I'll make it and you'll just be a kick on my epic ***." Epic Records is the company who produces Jack Black's real CDs.


Trivia: Screenwriter Mike White isn't a fan of classic rock. The movie was written specifically so Jack Black could perform his own favorite rock music.

Trivia: The nicknames given to the kids by Mr. S were improvised by Jack Black in order to remember every single name of the boys.


Trivia: Jack Black had to make a video playing Immigrant Son from Led Zeppelin in order to get permission to use that song for the film.


Trivia: The Mooney Suzuki rock band was involved in the film and also makes a cameo when Mr. S and the kids are about to have their audition.


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Ms. Mullins: I've just been informed that all of your children are missing.

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Question: Perhaps a weird question but why did Patty call the cops when she found out Dewey was posing as Ned? Wasn't that ridiculous since it didn't really seem like too much of a crime - as Dewey said to Patty "it's not like I murdered anybody"?

Answer: It's fraud at the end of the day. And in doing so he has put the kids at risk, and possibly ruined Ned's reputation.


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